Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The day I lost my shit- Part 2

I should first warn you...I really should've written a G version and an R version. The real life version probably registered at a triple R. There was no verbal censor. So make a mental note, Whenever you read the word effing, fricking,freaking, f*cking or anything of the sort, feel free to insert the actual word of FUCKING that flowed from my mouth as freely as a tree swaying in the breeze. You've been warned. Virgin ears and eyes proceed with caution...

I had calmed down and decided to walk over to let TQ know what had just happened.

knock, knock, knock "TQ, I just wanted to let you know what just happened. I was upstairs putting Harper down for a nap when Drake came upstairs, knocked and came into her bedroom..."

TQ: "No he didn't, I was sitting out back, watching them the whole time!"

I think my head spun around 3 or 4 times and right then steam shop out of my ears.

GG: "Are you effing kidding me? Are you telling me I am making this whole freaking thing up?"

TQ: "First of all don't swear at me."

GG: "How can I not swear. You are calling me a fricking liar! Don't you think I have better things to do with myself than make up a freaking story about your son coming into my house and waking my daughter up?"

Her request? DENIED.

TQ: "I am telling you that I was back there watching him...I am in disbelief."

GG: "Obviously you weren't because your son came into my damn house and clearly you didn't know...
Why do you need to argue everything TQ. It's what you do, you argue. My God, is that annoying"

TQ: "Look at you you're hysterical right now...I am in disbelief."

GG: "Well believe it! NEWSFLASH TQ! Your son does do things wrong just like every other kid I have ever met. I just thought I should let you know but clearly you don't believe me. "

TQ: "Drake, Drake! Drake get in here now! "

And I stormed off.

What I really wanted to say at this point was, 'really? you've been out watching them the entire time? Because I am standing in your doorway now and um, where is your son...you stupid beotch!'

I was on fire! I went over to let her know about something her son had done that I thought she might want to talk to him about. It was something that I would absolutely want to know about if my son did. But she didn't believe me. I am many things but one thing that I am not is a liar.

I came in my house and Mike came in to get the story since all he could see from on top of the roof was my arms flailing. As I told him what had happened I began to feel sorry. I was not at all sorry for what I said, but for the way I acted. I acted like she does.

Just then, the phone rang. It was her...


TriHard said...

oh boy...can't wait to hear the rest of this.

Pgoodness said...


write faster. :)

Ms. Mamma said...

You know that scene in the movie "stand by me" when the owner of the junk yard calls Corey Feldman's character "Looney! Looney! Looney!"?

It's like that. Don't even waste anymore breath on that parasitic no put-er out-er. There's a certain vibe in the 'hood and it's all about get the fvck out, Queenie. ;)

Ms. Mamma said...

And seriously, since I feel like being mean, I hate her car, too. Ha Ha

Rachel said...

Oh hell yeah, I would have acted like a fool too! She called you a liar? OMG! I cannot wait to hear the rest of the story.

C said...

Oh.....Must you keep us hanging like that???


Wow! Totally gripping story! Can't wait to hear how it unfolds. I agree with Ms.Mamma. Do not waste any more time or energy on that lunatic.

(Ms. Mamma, I was watching Stand by Me not too long ago. Love that movie. So true about the "Looney! Looney! Looney" bit!

Annie, I cannot believe she had the gall to basically call you a liar. Crazy. And, if she were out there watching her son, why didn't she give him a glass of water from her own house if he were thirsty then?

Anonymous said...

There has to be a logical solution to this issue. It must be that she secretly had twins..you NEVER knew there were 2 of them. Drake was with her ALL the time, his secret twin BLAKE came into your house and woke your daughter.. Either that or it could be that you are smoking crack..or that she is an extremely mentally ill person that clearly needs to be under a doctors care.
Which one of those seems more likely?

Melinda Zook said...

Wow, this seems like a huge story unfolding. I guess I will have to stop back to hear this conclusion.

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