Thursday, May 25, 2006

Goodbye Norma Jean...

Is it strange that I got misty saying goodbye to her yesterday? She's been so faithful, so fun, and let's not forget, she's been through a whole lot! But, the time had come for her to be replaced. So swiftly she was gone. I forgot to even take a picture.

It was time for her to go. We as a family had out grown her. Part of me feels guilty for giving her up so easily. In time I had her, I never had to have her fixed, ever. So does this mean that now I am in for it?

Bye baby girl, you will be missed 7/02 - 5/06. May you find your way to nice new home!

So now, I have this hot Mama! She's stone white with beautiful black leather interior. She's got all the goods! She is my first car ever that is an automatic, meaning, I can do so much more while driving (wink). Maybe once I get really comfortable with her I can even learn to change a diaper while on the road! My only question is... What should I call her?

Monday, May 22, 2006

What the hell are you saying?

It is here. We have gotten to that stage; the one everyone dreads. The embarrassing-statement-stage that makes you look like you are letting your kid listen to hardcore rap and watch The Sopranos instead of The Wiggles. All I can do is think, "Where is he learning this stuff?"

We've moved on from the original "Ga-dannit" stage and now we are onto more bratty phrases like "Go way Mama!" Ugh. Where does he learn it?

Yesterday Mason was in the tub playing with his zillion bath toys when he picked up his blue rubber ducky, squeezed it and said, "look! ducky's peein'" at the water steaming out of the hole in the bottom.

Of course it isn't all bad, just most of it. With the bad comes the good too. He talks all the time about his "frens". We have all turned into Masons friends lately. Even the dog is a "fren".

There is also the funny as heck stuff. Like when my sexy husband walks around shirtless and Mason can't help but point to his chest and say, "Dada's milky!". We also can't help but laugh at the kids impeccable hearing. The kid can pick out the tiniest flatulence from a mile away. Apparently we all have distinct sounding ones too because the kid is rarely wrong when he points out, "Dada fart!" or even on the very rare occation, "Mama fart!"

So until this tell-all stage passes, you can find me at home reciting bible verses out loud and listening to classical music. Oh, and I'll probably have gas pains from holding in a tad bit of pregnant gas.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

All About Meme

I am - unique
I want - to be able to let things go.
I wish - I could still sleep-in once in a while.
I miss - college days.
I fear - having another premature baby.
I hear - lawn mowers outside.
I wonder - what my baby girl will be like.
I regret - things I say in the heat of arguments.
I am not - shy.
I dance - to kids music now!
I sing - like I am in church, says Mike.
I cry - almost everyday at nothing, damn pregnant hormones.
I am not always - into writing.
I make with my hands - killer salads.
I write - when I need to get things off my chest.
I confuse - North, South, East, West.
I need - to exercise more.
I should - clean out my closets.
I start - projects I don't finish.
I finish - whole jars of Clausen pickles.

meme from Mamac-ta

Monday, May 15, 2006

A day late...

but still, Happy Mother's Day! I was away for the weekend with my Mom and Mason. Mike stayed behind. As usual, I had anxiety about staying a night with Mason somewhere other than home. I did for Mexico, too but Mason was a dream come true. This time, not so much! I feel awful saying this but the trip was a total bust. Mason was ah-hem, HORRIBLE! The first night he fell asleep at 11pm. Just a little more than two hours later than 2 hours later than usual. He fell asleep after screaming that he wanted olives for an hour. Sorry kid, no-can-do at 10pm in a hotel. Once Mason fell asleep it was my turn. My Mom didn't have a problem. Her sleeping was signaled by the sawing-log sound that shook the pictures on the walls. By 12:45, I was so irritated and over-tired I got up, went into the hallway and called Pedro. Crying, I asked him if he could come and get me the next day. He said he would if I needed and that I should call him the next day. I fell asleep with a pillow over my head sometime after 2am. Mason was up at 6:30am.

But, that wasn't the worst of it. We went to go shopping. Pedro even gave me the "OK" to spend a reasonable amount of money since I never get to do things like this, with the instructions, "have fun!" BAHAHAHAH!

We encountered meltdown after meltdown. Mason arched and kicked and screamed and threw himself out of his stroller. You think I am exaggerating, I am not. I was so exhausted I even cried and told my Mom we needed to go home and for-go our second night in the hotel. I was exhausted and couldn't fight with him anymore. Somehow she got me to stay another night. I couldn't wait to get home.

We got home yesterday around 3:30pm. I came home to a little silver box. Of course, mine only has 2 beads, but that is part of the fun, adding to it. Thank god my husband reads this sometimes. My mom got me a very pretty necklace, I got her a card. Ugh I hate when that happens. I also came home to a newly painted terracota living room. Thanks Pedro.

I am home now. I slept in my own bed last night with my husband who doesn't even snore. I went to bed at 10 and got up at 7:30 this morning. Ah, life is good.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Pink Frilly Stuff

Since I've found out that baby #2 is supposedly a girl, I have found some super cute thing that I thought I'd share. I really never had the problem that lots of boy-parents have with finding cute boy stuff. It is definately out there, you just have to look. But cute girl stuff, it's EVERYWHERE! I'm not talking clothes yet, just the other stuff for right now, so take a look.

First there is the sling. I haven't made my ultimate decision on which one, but as you can see, slings aren't just navy or beige anymore. Fun huh?

Next, this car seat cover a-dor-a-ble! Yes, this one is a pricey bugger but I've got to cover up the "navy and beige" checkers some how. I love the diva dot and the disco brown.

And finally, these! Mamac-ta is a big time lover of these for her little guy, but the girly ones that I love are just so girly and cute.

So how am I doing. Is there anything else out there that I still just have to get?

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm Crazy Pickle Head...Gimme Some Pickles.

I know , I know you are all dying to know what kind of crazy food I've been eating in my pregnant food crazed moments.

First of all, let me tell you that with Mason, I wanted Hot, as in make your nose run and eyes water, spicy HOT! I remember leaving work while pregnant with Mason and instead of going home, I drove directly to the store to buy a whole jar of jalapenos to smother my nachos with. No wonder he has a fiery streak, huh?

So this time as I have said a zillion other times has been so different. I love pickles, mmmmmmm...pickles. WAIT, not just any pickle though. Now along with being a coffee snob it turns out that I am also a pickle snob. Only Clausen pickles for this mama! You know, the ones you can only get in the refrigerator section. Mmmmmm...The salty, garlicy, taste gives me near the satisfaction of pregnant sex! That. Good.

I also love lemon ice. Sour and sweet all in one, makes my mouth water like a waterfall. Culver's has the best. Unfortunatly you southern girls probably don't have Culver's but if you do, try it.

That's enough before my 'puter starts shorting our from the puddles of spittle on the keyboard...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Hi, I'm Bored.

I don't know what my deal is lately, but I have been bored. I feel like I have nothing of importance to write about. So how about a quick recap of the weekend, shall we?

Friday night Pedro and I decided that we were officially old. We spent the night at Barnes and Noble each with a coffee,reading magazines while Mason played on the train table. How exciting are we?

Saturday we went to Pedro's parents lake house. I wish I had as much fun as Pedro up there, but I don't. It is never relaxing for me, Mason fights napping so I am the one left with a sore boob after an hour of trying, and I always end up looking like the "bad guy". No details needed, the ride home was nasty, my feelings were hurt bad enough, no need to rehash. I just wish I could be understood sometimes. I think the agreement stands at taking separate cars in the future, period. The End.

Sunday, Pedro worked on our flipping house. No really, the house we are re-doing to sell. I promise to post pictures when all I complete, huge changes have been. We ended up going to Home Depot and coming home with among other things,3 gallons of terricota paint for my living room. I am changing my red living room to terricota. It has to be done in the next week before our new furniture comes. I'll have to take before and after pictures of that too.

So my exciting weekend in a nut-shell. Next weekend my mom and I and Mason of course are heading to the Mall of America in Minnesota. I am hoping it is a smoother weekend than this one was.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Lull.

Hi everyone. I am at that point again, nothing important to talk about. Not that this site ever has "important" things, but you know what I am saying. Now that we all know I am having a girl, that curiosity is over and I have begun to sleep again. So that drama is over until sometime in mid-September.

My mailbox has been an excitement lately. I know, I need a life if my mailbox excites me, but I've gotten some really cool mail lately. I got an order from Old Navy including a Maternity swimming suit. It is a cute style but I am not sure about the pattern--It should work for the summer when I am a beached whale, and that is all that matters, Right?

My friend Laura sent me a book to read too that I just received this week. I love Jodi Picoult, so does Laura and so she sent me a copy of the newest J.P. book, The Tenth Circle. I cannot wait to start, but I have to get new glasses. I have been putting it off for months, but it is time, and this book is my motivation. I'll have to do a post on my glasses someday, they are blog worthy, pictures and all.

Mason has been so amazing lately. Two days ago after his bath, we were looking in the mirror making funny faces when he said, "mama's cute!" God, I love that kid. I wish he had a little button on him that I could push whenever I need an ego boost. Then yesterday, I was upstairs on the computer when he yells to me, "Mama, Otto sick!" I ran downstairs and sure enough, the dog had yacked a big'ol pile. Lovely!

So there you have it, the excitement happening here is incredible. Tune in for more mindless babble later! CIAO!

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Suspense, It's Killing Me!

Today is the big day! I am so nervous, like never before. I slept horrible, tossing and turning just waiting for morning. It is now morning and I still have to wait. I guess I am not sure what I am so nervous about. It is either a boy or girl, no in-betweens (God, let's hope!) Could it be that I have said numerous times "If it's a boy I am done." I have my reasons, a whole other story. But maybe I have jinxed myself, and should not make things so black and white. It's a whole lot of pressure that I have no say in. So now I wait. And wait, and wait. My appointment is at 1:00. I'll update later. Maybe I'll go do Yoga. OOooooooommmmmmm

So I am back from my appointment. Looks I am not packing on the weight this time, hell yeah! Everything is totally where it should be. That's All!

Oh and I suppose you are wondering what I am having? It is a GIRL!!! YES,YES, YES! I couldn't be happier and neither could Mike! There you have it, our perfect little family in the making.