Friday, December 21, 2007

What's grosser than gross?

Less than two weeks after the ER fiasco...Enter Stomach flu! Just in time for Pedro's 30th birthday, In-law house party and Christmas!

If my head is buried in the toilet for the next few days, Happy Barf-tastic Holidays!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Dear Mason,
Today is your fourth birthday. Part of me feels like the past four years have flown by, while the other part feels like you've been in my life forever. The past two years I wrote all about you. This year I want you to see all we've done together.
I love you, more than you'll ever know.

2nd Birthday here

3rd Birthday here

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Size Totally Matters

My camera? It's working again. It was the lens that took a poop, and a huge poop it was. For my birthday, after 869 tongue lashings Pedro bought me a new lens. It is huge! Almost intimidating; like it might hurt or something?

My photographer friend has gone all pro now so she uses all the red line lenses. This left her other lenses all sad and lonely. Not for long. She is letting me borrow her 28-90mm lens until she needs it, maybe, some day. I am giving it all kinds of lovin! Yeah Baby!

sweet little thang. 28-90mm

Big Black Bad Ass. 75-300mm

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Phew. I'm back. I just needed a few days to get my bearings back.

About two weeks ago we made plans the go to Minnesota and do some hardcore Christmas shopping. We were going with my parents and stay Friday through Sunday. Both my kids had been sick since Monday, but I figured they were at the tail end. Ha ha Ha. Stupid me. We packed up our car at noon on Friday. Both kids threw up on themselves in the car from coughing before we even left our city. We got there around 4 and checked into the hotel.

Mason coughed. We went out to dinner. Mason coughed. Harper was getting better and Mason was getting worse. By morning, after a rough 2-3 hours of sleep we knew we needed to take him in. He was so exhausted from coughing. We found the nearest Urgent Care and took him in. The Doctor called it croup and said there was really nothing that could be done. He highly suggested we take Mason to the nearest ER to be admitted for exhaustion. I paid $138.00 and was on my way. We headed back to the Hotel and packed up the car. I wasn't comfortable taking him to a hospital out of town and I wanted him to be at our local hospital if he had to.

We got home around 4 on Saturday and took him into our local ER. I told them what we'd already done and they were shocked. Shocked that the Doctor wanted to admit him for exhaustion but never thought to give him a breathing treatment to ease his coughing. They took x-rays, gave him a breathing treatment and we were on our way home. It wasn't croup, he had fluid around his lungs that was making him cough.

By Sunday morning after getting some sleep Mason was 90% better. Today he's 99% better. I am just pissed. The more I think about it the more angry I get that the Doctor said there was nothing that could be done. That he was probably at the worst day of the croup cycle, but that the exhaustion needed to be treated.

The Cherry? The clinic was private. Insurance not taken. (Bend over and let me have my way with you. Then you will pay! And say Thank You when I am finished!)

What would you do? We have been told to try and stop payment on our credit card. We have never done this but do you think it would work?

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday Cheer!

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes, yo! It came and went with a crazy HUGE snowstorm!

Harper was feeling better by the end of the week and by Sunday (that's 2 days people) her nose was running like a faucet again. This time it claimed Mason as well. The last few days I've spent waiting on my two sick children hand and foot. As much as I love all the snuggling and rocking, I am pretty sure if I never heard either of them whine again I'd be forever happy. It really does drive a person crazy especially when there are two of them whining in unison.

I think the sickness is claiming my brain now too. On Monday I invited Pedro's entire family over to my house for Christmas.

*Let's all have a moment of silence*

I've always known that I was nice person, but this? Above and beyond. I am not sure what got into me. Yes, right. The sickness eating my brain.

The Pro's

We are doing it on December 23 which means no traveling on Christmas.

At my house so my kids can nap when they need to nap.

The Con's

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Pedro's entire family in my house, all at once.

Really, I am sure it's going to be fine. I'll be on my best behavior and have lots holiday cheer, and beer, for everyone.

I am keeping the wine for me. All me.