Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Suck it!

This morning we needed to run a few errands.  To me, there is nothing worse than coming home to a trashed house, so I always try to pick up before walking out the door.  The house was decent and I decided to whip out the vacuum.  I'm vacuuming away and it just stops.  Nothing strange was sucked in, it just stopped.  Immediately I asked Mason to plug the vacuum back in.  

"but it's already plugged in!"

So we added a new errand to our list, a new vacuum. We went to 2 stores and decided on the Hoover Mach 6 to replace our Hoover Fusion.  We loaded it in the car and home we went.  Just to be sure, I plugged our old vacuum in to make sure it didn't work and it was still dead.  Mason comes in and says he's going to fix the old vacuum.  He plugs it back into the wall an voila!  It works like a charm!  Now what do I do?  Do I return it and hope that my old one keeps kicking?  Or, do I sign my son up for the circus with his healing powers?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

7 Things

I was tagged by the lovely MP for this 7 thing meme. As if you need any more proof, here are 7 more things that will comfirm your doubts about me.

"She's a strange one that Crunchy Girl..."

1. The smell of patchouli on me makes me insane, not in a good way. I despise it. On other people it smells heavenly. When Pedro smells like it, it makes me wild, in a good way. Roar Baby, Roar! It is my favorite, buy this for yourself or someone you like to sniff!

2. I hate to shave my pits. I do it (not often) but I hate it. My legs often, the beav often (did I really just write beav?) but the pits are such a chore for me. HATE.

3. I was a waitress for many years. I loved it! It paid my way through college and was such instant gratification...you do a good job, you get rewarded within an hour. With money! I still talk about missing it, often.

4. I was a ballet dancer for 13 years. I was told by my teacher often that I needed to lose 10 lbs starting at age 10. Some how I've never had any sort of an eating disorder.

5. I love to bake! I bake at least one thing every week. I blame this book I got about 8 years ago. When I got it I went crazy trying all sorts of recipes. Now I almost never use a recipe, I just know how much of everything to add. This is why I haven't yet come up with a recipe for this cake.

6. I love soup. I make soup just about every week, all from scratch. I like to make huge pots of it so I can have it for lunch throughout the week. This is the last pot of soup I made. Mmmmm, Minnestroni! Tonight I am making Cream of Broccoli.

7. I'd rather have a really good chewy bagel than a donut, any day. I used to be anble to say "no thanks" when donuts were offered until I got pregnant with Mason. Now I'll eat either and rarely say "no thanks" but mostly "yes please!"

Wow. That took forever. Just so you know this post was started on Dec 14th. Holla!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't be J!

My Dad is a really good guy. He's been an awesome Dad and a great Grandpa. When he works he dresses great. His shoes always match his belt and his suits are always perfectly tailored. When he's not working, Oh Sweet Lord!

One time my Dad went up to our cottage by himself. It is so peaceful and beautiful up there, that one of the things all of us do when we're there is to just sit quietly at the end of the dock. My Dad was sitting there were a boat drove up to him and asked him if he needed help. His red sweatpants, bright blue sweatshirt and obnoxious hat were taken as S.O.S. He laughs every time he talks about it but the red sweatpants are still up at the cottage and I am pretty sure he still wears them every time he's up there.

The other night when we got home from our little road trip, I ripped off my clothes and put on my most comfy duds. I looked okay, I think, until I realized I needed to take the dog out and put some more clothes on. Once I was ready to head out the door to walk the dog around the block, it hit me. "What am I wearing?"

I looked totally hot! No. I looked HAWT! So hawt in fact that Pedro grabbed my camera and started snapping. I posed for a few, then off I went to walk the dog. I think the dog may have been a little embarrassed.
I bet I make my Dad so proud some days!

Friday, January 18, 2008

I am mean.

I really didn't plan on leaving you guy hanging, I swear. I just couldn't take anymore whining and crying so I pushed publish! Then you got all mad at me.

We've come to the conclusion that the owners really don't want to let the house go. They built it themselves 31 years ago and lived there for 30. Serious attachment issues. And also that their realtor is an idiot. After our FINAL OFFER in bold, they came back last night with another counter offer. Yes, they did. And we politely gave them the finger. The middle one.

Last night we went out to dinner, after having chocolate cake, and I am now totally convinced that there is some reason that house isn't for us. It wasn't perfect, but I was ready to work some magic on it and make it really rad. You guys were right though. I am not at all ready to say goodbye to this house, although we'll have to soon enough. Now Pedro's got the bug, he spent all last night of the computer looking at more houses. I am on hold.

But guess what? They called again this morning to counter again. Douche Bags. That's OK! I still have half a chocolate cake here and it's the best damn chocolate cake ever!

Dream Home, part 4: The Waiting Game

I don't know about you but when I am waiting for something, I try to keep myself busy.

First my worry wart genes wake my ass up at 4: 15 am.

Then I turn into a Betty Crocker/ Martha Stewart wannabe.

That'd be a spinach and feta omlet, potatoes and sausages!


"I like it when my Mom is trying to keep herself busy!"

Then I make my kids go outside and "have fun" in the blizzard we are having just so I can take pictures of them.



Then when the kids are good and worn out I put them both down for a long winters nap and wait some more!

The floors get scrubbed, clothes get washed, and then my crazy domestic brain starts to think about chocolate cake! Hot Damn! Some how we happen to have all the ingredients to make it, with homemade chocolate frosting too!


My kids wake up just in time to help me frost.



Then we eat a totally Weight Watcher Friendly Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese frosting!
And I am very, very good at lying to myself at this point!

And then we finally get a phone call...

Later today, I swear. I cannot neglect my kids any longer!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do you hear it?

...tick, tock, tick, tock...

*EDITED- The owners who no longer live in town (they moved to a resort town) want an extension to make their decision. They are coming to town to discuss with their realtor...so looks like more waiting. Good times Everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dream Home, part 3: a new twist

Within hours after seeing the house, Pedro and I decided we wanted to make an offer. Our realtor who is very conservative when it comes to buying and selling advised us to offer significantly lower than the asking price(which we could not afford) because of all the updating that would be necessary to live in.

We offered. They countered. We offered our max bid and they countered again. We were 10,000 dollars apart and we were done.

For some reason I was relieved. I don't know how I would've handled having a house on the market with two kids who love to pay with 8,076 different toys each day. I would miss my little house that we brought 2 babies home to even though we are outgrowing it. Have I mentioned that we only have one bathroom? It blows.

This all happened 2 weeks ago. Since then our realtor has been sending us various other listings. I haven't had the slightest desire to look at any of them. To get me to move it's going to have to be something special. And quirky. And have a whole bunch of potential...

Yesterday after two weeks had passed, we placed one last offer on the log house. We increased our bid by a measly $3,000 and included the words, FINAL OFFER.

Those of you who are reading and playing along, wondering how the story ends? Your guess is as good as mine. They have 48 hours...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dream Home: part two *Updated with Photos*

I really didn't plan on leaving you all hanging for the entire weekend, but we were busy moving in!

Just kidding.

We went on a last minute road trip Friday. Let's get on with the show, eh!

Because Pedro knows me well, he sent me a link to this log cabin that was in a fantastic neighborhood near us. We weren't at all in the market for a new house, but I was intregued, I called our family friend who was also a realtor and made an appointment to see the house the very next day.

We walked in and oh my God, the quirkiness! And also oh my God the potential! My wheels were cranking and I immediately had a half a bazillion ideas. The house was built in the late 70's by the current owner. He built it to suit his taste and kept it perfectly maintained. But I shit you not, the curtains matched the carpet in every single room. Each of the four bedrooms had a different primary colored carpet with mini-blinds to match.

It needed lots of updating, but I was confident that we could handle it after conquering "Button". Besides being outdated it was open and rustic with all exposed beams. It had four bedrooms and two bathrooms, a wood burning stove and the coziest feeling ever. But still, the brass light fixtures a the emerald green carpet (that matched the crocheted emerald valence) were nearly obscene.

Pedro and I had some things to talk about. Did we really want to move? We loved our house and finally started getting it to where we wanted it. On the other hand, could we get the house for a great price since it had been on the market for 18 months. Wow. Decisions, decisions. What should we do?

What did we do?

***100 % Actual photos***

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dream Home, part 1: because I could go on for days.

I don't think I've ever talked about this before, but I have a very clear picture of my dream home. Two pictures in fact for my two very different homes. The first one is a small beach bungalow. Not a home just a few blocks from the beach, I'm talking a house built in the sand, baby! It's fresh and airy and just fits my little family. I would be caught most days chasing my kids around on the beach in a swimsuit (without muffin top of course). The inside would be simple and crisp and mostly white-washed wood and I promise I'd never complain about sweeping the tracked-in sand 8 times each day. Dinners woud most likely consist of fresh fish thrown on the grill with roasted veggies and a tart and salty margarita to sip.

Think something like...

My other dream house couldn't be more different. It would again be small but nearly completely wooded; It would be a log cabin. It would have big rustic logs as beams, ceilings would not exist in this home. The fireplace would be crackling as I sip my coffee on my distressed leather furniture. The room wouldn't be a perfect picture without a brown and white cowhide beneath my feet. Ah, there, now I am in love.

Think something like...

Beautiful, no? I know they are as different as can be, but I like to think of it as being prepared. Prepared for the day I have more money than GOD! Who wouldn't want a warm weather house and also a cozy inviting log cabin?

Guess what? We found one of these two houses.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still kickin' it.

Hi there. How YOU doin'? So much has been going on here, but I 've just not wanted to write lately.

Pedro came down with the flu last Friday and while I wanted to take care of him and make sure he was OK, I wanted nothing more than to stay away! The rest of us had been healthy for just one week, we couldn't get a whole other flu again! It would be the death of me. Each time Pedro would run to throw a puker, I'd get my bucket with hot water and disinfectant and be ready to sanitize the bathroom. Psycho much? We are all healthy and we never got it!

Saturday my sister and I threw a baby shower for my brother's girlfriend who is having a baby in just a few weeks. It was perfect! My mom was there and I did my best to not be all weird. I probably didn't do so well. We talked fluff- about the cupcakes and my cinnamon rolls and that was about it. We haven't talked since.

I need a girls night out. Bad! Any takers?

P.S .We put an offer in on a house. Want to hear about it? Next.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

In with a BANG!

Today my mom and I got in a fight. It was a huge, nasty, dirty fight. It was by far the worst adult fight that I've ever had with her and I feel sick about it. The hard thing is that I said everything I've been needing to say for years but my delivery? Sucked! I turned into a person that I am not and never want to be.

If there is a good part that has come from this, it makes me value my babies that much more. I want to be the best mom I can be in 2008. I want to yell less. I want to play more. I don't ever, ever want to scare them. This is who I want to be.