Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chucky my boy. . .

xmas 2005 002xmas 2005 001

I have to say, and this may not be pretty, I have begun to get nervous about my darling boys behavior. He is turning into a bully. And, GOD, no one wants a bully for a kid. This weekend Mason saw his cousin (we'll call him BIG) who is 9 months younger but the same size and beat up on him the whole time. Mason would push him down, slap him with both hands and even put him in a head lock and proceeded to drag him on the wood floor. AWESOME! I can't even count how many timeouts he had. He even got to the point of smacking BIG then putting himself into timeout. Well that is just great. I am firm believer in the philosophy of "not apologizing for your kid/s" I think it sends the wrong message. But, I can't help but worry that this is a reflection of parenting style. What is a lady to do? I don't want to beat the boy(OK,well maybe I do sometimes, BUT I DON'T!) Timeouts are being proved un-effective, and we are very consistent with the way we do them.

*We put him in and a non-distracting place, where he stays for the entire 2 minutes without restraint.

*Once the 2 minutes is up, we go to him, get down to his level, explain what the "no no" was.

*We have him say sorry to whomever he hurt.

*Then give him and hug/kiss and tell him "all done, go play." and we drop it.

So what the hell are we doing wrong? Then, last night we went out to eat at Perkins. When we got there we found out it was kids night. They had movies playing and activities for the kids. Mason wanted to go over there so after he was done eating, Mike took him. And then he came back without the boy. "there is a lady over there who watches them, so she told me I could leave and she'd watch him." We were both skeptical and we didn't think Mason would last long. . .He didn't. Within 5 minute this adult babysitter brings him back to us "He is beating up on the older kids!" I swear, those were her exact words. EMBARRASSING! That is all I can say.

I want to hope that this is just a phase, but it sucks. No one wants to play with a mean kid, so what do I do next? We are really trying to do everything "right" with discipline, but it is not working at all! HELP!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve

Late night,
xmas 2005 021
way later,
xmas 2005 022
morning results!
xmas 2005 025
Worth every penny!
xmas 2005 024

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas to all. . .

. . .and to all a goodnight! May your holiday be filled with as little stress as possible and may you all enjoy your families (as disfunctional as they may be, wink).
If you see Santa, tell him we could use his help assembling this massive train table with 8000 bridges, tracks and trains. Thanks!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Crabby Pants and Pedicures

What the hell?
First of all, Mason has slept through the night for the past 4 nights. Awesome! The downside, he has been getting up before 6am. Rough! To me this whole "sleeping through the night" business seems pretty over-rated. Before, he'd get up around 4am I'd nurse him for about 10 minutes and he'd sleep until 7 at least. Now, pshaaa, I'd give anything to sleep that late. So what do I do? I can't encourage the kid to wake up during the night, but he clearly is not getting enough sleep.
Second, his naps, they're jacked. He went three days without and I was terrified that this may have been the end of napping. Then the past 3 days, he took huge naps again. At least 3 hours. Now today no nap again and he woke at 5:30 am. I cannot figure it out. I just can't believe that he'd go from needing a super long nap to none at all. It doesn't seem possibe. He was yawning this morning already at 9:30. He asks for "nigh,nigh" then he stands in his crib and screams. It is literally making me crazy!
So, what is a crazy woman to do, I had my nails done. I am not a polish person, but I love to sit in a massage chair while someone is shaving DNA off my feet with a cheese slicer. The more shredded cheese/skin I see on the towel, the more I think my $40 is money well spent. Mind you this was first the man/ped since I was preggo so I was over due. The downside, my germiphobia. While the girl was doing my nails she nicked my cuticle and it turned pink and blead a little tiny bit. No big deal, accidents happen all the time. But then I start thinking if other people blood is in the cuticle oil, "could I get HIV or what about HEP B?" I wondered how long blood could survive it the different solutions. I know, I know I should really talk to someone about it. Have I ever mention that I know incubation periods for cold and flu viruses.
EXAPLE: So, say Mason played with a sick kid on Tuesday, If Thursday night he is not showing any signs of getting sick, good. If Friday he is good, he is in the clear, 72 hours and you are home free.
Enough about my issues, I am tired and I need to go to bed now so I can be ready to play at 5:30. Yippee!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Spoiled Rotten

And I wouldn't want it any other way. I thought I was done with shopping for my sweet boy, but something happened. Something magical. . . have you seen the Thomas train table at Barnes and Noble? Well let me just tell you that Mason adores that thing! I found a sweet train table about 2 weeks ago that came with all the goods and had two stash drawers. I decided to buy it and at the very end, "sorry, sold out. We'll email you when more come in." That Sucks!
Today I was just playing around on-line and tried to order it again, it went through! So then I got suckered into paying for 2 day shipping, an additional $63 dollars. But my boy will have the Train Table of his dreams, on Christmas morning. I can't wait to see his beaming face. (remind me of this Christmas Eve when we are up all night putting it together, all 200 pieces.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Don't worry about me. . .

I'm just over here pulling out my eyelashes one by one. Seriously, close to it. Be thankful I waited until today to post. Otherwise you would've had to wade through the F*bombs to get to my point. Point is, my beautiful little boy did not take a nap in 3 days. THREE DAYS PEOPLE! To me, that is torture. For those of you who know me well, Mason is a super napper that takes a 2.5 to 4 hour nap every day. I get everything done in that time. Needless to say, I've gotten nothing done since Friday and have had an unbarable toddler to boot. AAggghhh!
But, do you hear that, aahh, it is the sound of silence as my darling boy sleeps. So I am off to catch up on everything that didn't get done.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Two years ago today...

mason tiny 003

It is hard to believe you are 2 today! You have come so far from the tiny preemie I had two years ago, yet a lot about you still holds true today. When you decided you were ready to come out, out you came. You didn't care that you were supposed to "cook" another six weeks. It was pretty scarey those first few days, but you were a fighter. And you are still a fighter. You fight me changing your diaper, you fight when it is time to leave the train table at Barnes and Noble, and you fight when you are tired of me taking to long at the grocery store. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around you has commented "what a busy boy." That you are, a busy boy!

mason tiny 016

You have developed quite a personality and you definitely have some quirks. You still hardly eat. Unless of course it is some green vegetable. I am not joking. The other nightI made a super nice dinner and after your thrid helping of green beans, we thought it was time for you to eat something else, no such luck. We then laughed and wondered how many other parents have to limit the amount of vegetables there kids eat. You still nurse though and really have shown no signs of stopping. I sometimes wish you would, but I have to say I relish those before bed sessions in the rocking chair. I love your warm, baby scented body nuzzled up close to me and sometimes wish I could just stop time and stay there with you forever.


Your language has recently astonished your Dada and I. You repeat everything and have now started putting your own thoughts together. The other night your Dada left the car to run in the house and you immediately got worried and said,"Dada back?" You love to tattle on yourself too. If I am in the other room and I hear "wha di do doo?" I come running to figure out what did you do. You are great at naming animals too. This week we had your picture taken. The very patient girl kept trying to get you to laugh with a stuffed frog then a feather duster, then a lady bug, then back to the frog. You blurted out "fauk!" The shocked girl asked what you said and I quickly defended you saying " That's right, it is a frog!" You are also really into singing and dancing. Your Dada and I love watching you perform your own rendition of the Wiggles "Rock-a-bye Your Bear". It is the cutest ever! You are also completely into trucks, tractors and trains. You love to say Hi to them "ha twac-tew!". You also give your favorite truck and train (Lony) kisses before you go off to bed.

orchard 022

Speaking of your Dada, watching the two of you brings me to tears often. You have these special little things you do. You are not the typical little polite boy who shakes hands, your Dada went all out and taught you the "bumping knuckles" thing. You know where you make a fist and touch another persons knuckles with yours. It is amazing sitting back and watching both of you light-up from the joy of being around the other. You are a very lucky boy to have a Dad who adores you as much as your Dad does.

Picture 044

I know it sounds funny Mason but the love I have for you grows everyday. I now understand the things I use to hear about "loving so much it hurts". I can't even describe it, but I have these overwhelming feelings in my chest and throat when we have special times together, that I have never felt before. I love it when I am busy doing something and you get right in my face, rub my arm and say "Ha Mama!" I love it when your Dada brings you in to wake me up each morning. Seeing your smiling face is the best way to wake up, hands down. I love it when you give kisses and you always have to make a "mmmmm" sound before you will kiss. There are so many thing I love about you I could go on for days. You have made my life so exciting and I can't wait to see how you grow over the next year. You are an amazing little person and make me so happy and if I can make you half as happy as you've made me. . .my job has been a success.

Picture 040

I love you Mason!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Plumber Crack Central

For those of you who have or have had a two-year old, oh screw it, if you ever will have a two-year old, BEWARE! This morning I planned on finishing up my Christmas shopping. I showered and put on make-up while my curious two-year old watched. Fine, I am used to that part. But, while I was drying my hair, Mason decided to drop my wedding band down the drain! No, not my whole ring, but still, my platinum wedding band with a few little diamonds in it! I freaked, but for some reason I never yelled. Mason cowered when he saw the look of terror on my face. My arm-pits immediately started to drip. At first I could see it in the stopper so I tried to gently pull that up, it fell further. Then I could see it stuck on a little hook so I went and got to ka-bob skewers, I knocked it off the hook, and down it fell. I panicked. I tried to call Pedro, but of course couldn't reach him, so I pulled out the big guns. I knew I had to unscrew the pipes to get to the trap. That shit is TIGHT, but adrenaline kicked in and after about 5 minutes I managed to get it. I was not (wretch) ready for the smell. (wretch) It smelled so bad(wretch) like. . .GOD, I can't even describe it bad! And the black chunky liquid that came out, disgusting! But in that sludge was my sparkling ring, of coarse with a little black stuff hanging from it(gag). I have my ring and that is all that matters. So now, in honor of my work today, go out and kiss (make-out with) your plumber and tell them how much you appreciate what they do! Nasty!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We've got high hopes for our boy!

You've all heard of the Naked Cowboy right? You know, the one who plays his guitar on the busy streets of NY? Well move over Super-size, theres a small-fry ready to take your place.
santa 013
And apperently he really is proud of his boobies.
santa 011
and pampers.
What can I say, he'll do great things one day! Ahh, he makes us so proud.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Santa Baby, I'm not feelin' you!

Santa, you freak me out alittle,
santa 005
but here's my best poker face.
santa 007

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snowy Saturday

We did it, but we didn't. We participated in the biggest caroling cluster ever, yet I highly doubt there were any records made. Tons of cute pics were taken but you'll have to wait until tomorrow for those. Or if you are really impatient and just can't wait that long. Ms. Mamma posted all about it (pictures too!).

Friday, December 09, 2005

Where my Girls at?

I am asking for help. Please help me feel normal. . .I believe that every married couple has there share of issues. I also believe that those issues stem from one big issue. It is the holiday season and that means a time for our (myself and Pedro) issues to magnify themselves into one festering boil that just needs to be popped. What I am asking for is for you my fellow readers in one word to define your big marital issue. One word so as not to incriminate oneself. For example: One of my best friends has blowout fights/arguments reguarding money. They figure out a way to eliminate their issue, and it returns a week later in a different form.
The one word post : Finances.
Let me get the ball rolling, mine: In-laws.
Don't be shy, reply!

Christmas Random

First of all, I have a new favorite Christmas song. It is, drumroll please. . . God Rest ye Marry Gentlemen by the BNL and Sarah McLaughlin. I am sure I totally butchered the spelling on that one, but you gotta check it out. I can't possibly listen to it without a little hip wiggle, even in public. I got it off of itunes. If I were blog-ified enough, I would put it on here for you all to hear, but I am not so you are on your own.
Next, tomorrow morning ms. mamma and I are taking the boys to get into the Guinness book of World Records. I knew something great would happen to me one day, and here we frickin' go! We have this cool part of our downtown called the 400 block (god is that original). Anyway it is this big grassy area framed by city streets and there are often cool things that take place there. In the summer they have concerts every Wednesday night where most people bring picnic-y type food and you can even bring booze to get wasted while watching. But usually it consists of lots of "crunchy" people, occasionally bellydancing. In the fall I took Mason to a petting zoo there. Germ Phobic me took Mason but only because they gave out mini free bottles of Purell. I digress. So about tomorrow. It is a big Christmas Caroling Cluster! It should be pretty neat if the 4000 people expected really do show up. Look for me in the upcoming edition of the Guinness book. You can also find me in the glossary under, Mom with the least patients with a two-year old. Another Post

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Chill Pug

The Chill Pug
Originally uploaded by glamgranola.
Seriously, he is the most awesome dog ever. The pug needs some credit!

The Girth Tree

The Girth Tree
Originally uploaded by glamgranola.
Here is the tree. The bottom is a little sparse, but apperently "Master of Destruction" likes it that way!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Hoopla

** If I could, let me start by saying I will not be taking Mason shopping anywhere by myself anymore. We just got back from Sam's Club, just to buy diapers, and he was terrible! To give you an idea, one of the deli people asked if they could give him some ice cream so he would "shut the hell up!" OK so a bit of exaggeration but really, you get the point, who walks out and offers free ice cream from a deli? I didn't have the heart to tell the guy that my kid doesn't eat, and could care less about ice cream, so I graciously thanked him and shoved a spoonful into my noisy boy's mouth!(again, a tad exaggeration, no need for protective services.)

After eating cake throughout the day Friday, we had two parties to go to that night. Ms. Mamma had a party so we spent the majority of the night there. It is always fun for Mason to play with her "Snowflake." We planned on having my parents babysit, but they ended up at the party with us.

Saturday, we got our Christmas tree, or as some advertise Holiday tree, LAME! Pedro and I were like the blind leading the blind. We had no idea what to look for in a tree. We ended up getting a perfect tree, a tad more girth than I would normally like, but it is nice. It is all decorated and sparkly. I'll post a picture later. By the way, have any of you heard of spinners? No, not the ones that spin dubs on the Escalade, the ones for the Christmas tree. They are so cool. I saw them at the first party we were at on Friday night, and I knew I just had to have them. They replace a little bulb on a string of lights and you hang your prettiest ornament from it and it slowly spins it! It is the neatest!

Now today starts round two of my teaching. I teach my afterschool program today and Wednesday from 3:15- 5:00, and I teach my yoga class just Mondays from 6:30 - 7:30. The yoga class has become a very welcome break that I just happen to get paid for! For the afterschool program I am teaching a childcare class and I am more that welcome to bring my own boy to be the guinea pig. If they can take care of him, they pass with flying, freaking colors! I have no lesson plans ready though so today during nap-time, my quiet time will be spent doing that. I'll keep you all posted.

Friday, December 02, 2005

My ass is growing!

My ass is growing!
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mmmmm. . .cake! from Cold Stone!