Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How my Garden grows. . .

It has been a very busy past week! After completing our marathon road trip to Indiana which was relatively painless, We had a whole nother week to gear up for! Last Wednesday I had a pedicure/spa party with a few girlfriends. It was a nice girls night for me minus baby. "Pedro" took the Tornado out for a boys night of Buffalo wings and chocolate milkshakes, nice huh? I can't complain though. It was a nice 3 hour break.
The weekend was a whirl wind too! On Saturday we planted our second annual garden! We love to be able to eat things that we have grown. We keep it as natural as possible! Last year we didn't use any fertilizers or pesticides, but it wasn't Organic because the seeds weren't organic . This year we are doing the same. I've even found some organic fertilizer made by a big company but just have to figure out were to buy it! This year our big focus is our heirloom tomatoes. (if you watch Barefoot Contessa you know what they are) So enough boring info about my garden. . . I've also been really constipated lately! Ha ha just wanted to make sure to captivate my audience!
It is a beautiful day here today and the boy is down for is nap, I have all my things done for the day so I am going to lay out and take a breath or two!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

What chu talkin' bout Willis?

Your Linguistic Profile:

85% General American English
10% Upper Midwestern
5% Midwestern
0% Dixie
0% Yankee

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

All you CJ!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Because I have too. . .

Another meme thingy...
Here we go:
1. If you could kill any celebrity by beating them with a book you own, which celebrity and book would it be?
Dr. Phil with any Dr. Sears book. . .lighten up hard ass!

2. When you have sex, is there a certain TV show you like to sync the sex up with so that as you finish, the show begins?
Nope, it's nap time after nooky!

3. Is there a blog out there that you absolutely hate but are kind of afraid to say something on your own blog for fear that they’ll read it and come to kill you?
I only know a few blogging dorks and anything is fair game!

4. Finish this sentence: If one more person asks me to pass on a meme, I’m going to…
Bore all those who read my blog. . .not that it's been exciting lately!

5. Total volume of music files on my computer?
I don't get it? We have Itunes is that a music file?

6. The last CD I bought was?
I don't even remember it's been so long, but I want to get Matisyahu the reggae hasidic jew! Seriously!!

7. Song playing right now:
music to my ears. . .SILENCE

8. Which people are you passing this baton to, and why?
Again I know very few bloggers so Stacey it's all you! The wedding is over, no excuses now!

hmmm...Nasty Thong??

Your Porn Star Name is: Nasty Thong

Get your own Porn Star Name

Thursday, May 19, 2005

On the Road Again. . .

As of tomorrow at approximately 6:30 am, we are heading on the longest road trip ever since Mason was born. We are headed to Indy( that's what the locals call it, right Stace?) We are sweating the mongo drive with a 17 month old high maintainance boy. So how did we plan for it you ask? We did the smart thing. . .we went out and bought a car DVD player! That's right, tomorrow I am encouraging my son to indulge in as many Wiggle's DVDs as we can fit in the car.

The rest of my day will be spent preparing of the weekend, bridesmaid dress and all the fixin's to make the weekend as smooth as possible. By the end of the weekend I'll be able to let everyone know which is worse, a screaming kid in the car for 8 hours or listening the the Wiggle's sing about tossing fruit salad for the 98th time. I'm out, wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Final Rose

So there is no disputing that Charlie was about the dopiest bachelor they could find. He looked twice his age. Weathered is hot, but that guy was aged! Let's hear it for Sara! That girl impressed me! One of the few girls to not give up her "flower" to get a rose. Hopefully she can take some of the cheese out of that O'Donnell boy/grandpa and teach him how to kiss!

On a snotty note, the tornado woke up on Sunday with a runny nose! So frustrating! I've been keeping him in a bubble lately to keep him healthy for a wedding we have this weekend in Indianapolis, and bam snotty nose a week before! So yesterday I spent the day making homemade chicken noodle soup and following him around with a wad of Puffs Plus! Any suggestions on how to stifle the snot in a hurry?

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Granola in me!

I wanted to share one of my favorite things to make lately. . .Hummus! Go ahead laugh, I do shave my armpits though! Anyway it is super easy , healthy and tastes Awesome.

Glam Granola's Super Easy Hummus
1 can drained garbonzo beans/ chick peas
1 clove garlic
1 scallion (or more, I just am not an onion fan)
juice from a half of lemon
2 Tbs. olive oil
big pinch sea or kosher salt

Throw it all into food processer until it is mush. Done! Pedro and I eat it with pita chips or carrot sticks. It tastes even better the next day. Try it you'll like it!

Friday, May 13, 2005


Oh I know, I am slacking already! Give be a break I had the busiest day I can remember and it started with "the tornado" up and doing damage at 5 am ! uuugghh! 7 am great, 6 am can deal with, but 5 is painfully early. We both got ready for the day and had to leave by 830 to make it to my much needed haircut. I missed Starting Over so any realty queens fill free to fill me in. I still have yet to find another person who watches it. . . I know it is a really sappy reality show with a whole lot of bitchy women backstabbing, crying and visiting the Starting Over shrink Dr. Stan. AKA the Micheal Jackson trial shrink, seriously!
I digress. So I got home around 11 and immediatly put the boy away for nap time. No breaks here though. I worked today!! My friend Trayce owns a maternity boutique and brings for boy to work with her daily and asked me to fill in . It felt awesome! I was there for two quiet hours by myself and then my husband (aka Pedro) brought the boy in to "work" with me until 5. He was better at the store than he is at home. . .is it a sign? I think it's a sign he likes new toys!!
So now I am pooped and ready for bed. Let's cross our fingers for a late morning. Oh my god I am delirious now! I 'm out- I'll have more energy tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Do I Look 17. . .

Today needed to be a productive day, and it was! I had a hundred things to get done all during my peaceful time of day. . .nap time! I began my list: call March of Dimes, unload dishwasher, call to switch phone service, blah, blah, blah. During my 35 minute hot and heavy call with the phone service guy, there is a loud disruption, the doorbell. uuugghhh Now I have to cross my fingers that it didn't wake 'the tornado' and go to the door.
me: "uuuhhh hi?"
man in green: "uuhh hi. . .is your Mom or Dad available?"
me: no words, long pause,dumb look
man in green: "Oh, are you the homeowner?"
me: "yes, and my HUSBAND likes to fertilize the lawn himself!"
man in green: "oh, he does ! OK Thanks!"

Are you kidding me?? He obviously didn't see the breastmilk stains on my t-shirt or my sweet smell of Lysol that has replaced my favorite perfume! I was so shocked that I even told the phone guy who laughed hysterically. Hmmmm is this a compliment or an insult? Was it because my sweatpants and t-shirt didn't fit into his mold of a typical stay-at-home-mom. (Turn off Desperate Housewives Bud, it is a show not reality. )Or was it because my youthful face and bubbling personality reminded him of the girl next door? (uuummm probably not.)

So the boy didn't wake up and the rest of my list got finished.

Tomorrow I think I might put on some makeup and do my hair!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I lost my blogging virginity

So this is my very first posting. . . woohoo! Be patient with me, I am learning as I go. So since becoming a blog reading junky, I figured I should do my part. I find myself checking multiple times daily for new postings. I am not sure if that means I have an extremly boring life or that I find facination in strange things. I have a feeling it has something to do with my "reality" TV fetish. That's right I have no shame, I love'em all . . .Starting Over, The Amazing Race, Survivor, Surreal Life and we can't forget the grandfather of all reality TV, The Real World. It all boils down to trying to get a glimps into the life of others I think. So I am doing my part on a smaller scale. This is my dirty laundry! Enjoy !