Friday, March 31, 2006

F*#@-You Blogger!

I just finished a huge entry and was inserting some links when poof! Everything was gone. So now I am totally irritated and this is all you get!

Mason's haircut was a bust. He screamed, the lady cut her finger while trying to cut on the run, and I sat there sweating. His bangs got a trim and nothing else. I was secretly a tad happy about it!

That's all now. I have to go clean my house. It is repulsing me!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Thursday,Yo!

Today is a busy day for us. Pedro's work is having a family potluck, so we are going to that. I am making a blue cheese, pear, tomato and spring greens salad that is easy and delish! Yes, I know I am not supposed to eat blue cheese while pregnant, but you know what? I could be smoking and drinking and doing crack, but I am not. So it is a trade off. Some of the things or "rules" while pregnant are so overboard. The first nurse I saw told me to never eat lunch meat straight out of the fridge. Instead, I am supposed to microwave it for 20 seconds, let it cool and then proceed with my sandwich making, bah! This time around, I have been using my own common sense. I don't go around slurping up raw eggs, but I don't think eating blue cheese or a turkey sandwich now and then is going to harm me or the baby.

I digress. So after the potluck, the boy and I are going in for a little haircut. Mine is just long and blah and needs some fresh layers. His is so straight since we got home that it gets in his eyes and tickles his nose. So he needs a little bang trim. In between or outings, I need to try to squeeze in a nap which means impeccable timing.

So I am off to get started with my day. Have a good one everyone!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A few of my favorites!

I think I forgot to mention that Mason's hair closely resembled Richard Simmons through out the week. Or to be a little nicer, the boy/ teenager from the 70's movie The Blue Lagoon.
Vacation in Mexico 084
Mason and Dada on the beach, playing in the sand.
Vacation in Mexico 095
Mama and Mason going to Japanese dinner, night 2.
Vacation in Mexico 104
My happy boy was in heaven everyday in the pool!

I uploaded them all now on flickr, so feel free to check them out. Some of them may not be work friendly for two big obvious reasons.(The girls, they taketh over!)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I know you all want to see my bump, right?

here it is! 15 weeks and in Mexico!
Vacation in Mexico 071
and our one and only family shot on our last day! the bump is very apparent.
Vacation in Mexico 072

Monday, March 27, 2006

Mexico-part 1

We are home. It always feels good to sleep in your own bed after 8 nights elsewhere, but it still sucks too to come back to reality.
Our trip started out like it was going to be a nightmare.

*Two days before we left, Mason had what he called "water-poop". Fantastic! Having been to Mexico three other times, I knew that the "wp" would only get worse once we got there.

* The day we left, we had to be at the airport at 5 am. Ugh! So a cab picked us up at the hotel...the driver spoke very little english and had an extreme case of hot farts (don't act like you don't know what a hot fart is, everyone knows!) It was completely nauseating. So totally nauseating that Pedro put his manners behind him and opened the window in freezing temperatures! But, things got worse! He took us to the wrong airport in Minneapolis! I was pissed. It should have been a $5 dollar cab ride that turned out to be around $25 because of this stupid driver! Anyway, we got to the airport late, but still made it. We got to the ticket counter and there was a lady pre-checking all the ID we had to bring. My birth certificate had a small tear in it and apparently was unacceptable. I had to get out of line and wait for a half an hour to have a notary come and make me an affidavit so that I wouldn't get detained in Mexico. Fantastic!

* After all the drama, we boarded the plane and where just waiting for an ultimate meltdown from the never happened. Mason was mesmerized. The flight took 4 hours and Mason was pretty close to an angel. He fell asleep right as the plane was landing in Mexico. We got off the plane, went thru customs and found our hotel rep. Now just another hour in a van and we'd be at the resort! It again went smooth accept that Mason was starving by this point and was tired of eating goldfish and craisins.

* We finally got there and checked into our room, uh wrong! We were supposed to have two beds, not one king! I marched my butt back to the lobby and informed them there were 3 of us and one bed didn't work. Some how the lady talked me into a crib. I knew she was referring to a pack-n-play like all hotels do and Mason was never able to get used to one, we've tried many many times. She told me again that it was a normal crib. I was sure she had no idea what she was talking about but I told her I'd look at it and consider it. It came to the room three hours later and was just like his crib at home! I was perfect! Now Mike and I not only got a king bed, but Mason was somewhat confined and we wouldn't have to worry about him roaming the beach at 2 am. Life is good. We all slept perfectly while we were there. Things where staring to look up for the rest of the trip. And, for those who are wondering about the important stuff...The water poop dried up by the time we arrived in Mexico. Hooray for turds!

*I'll begin to post pictures as soon as I figure how to get them off of my Christmas present camera,which was used on the trip. Not to worry, no poop will be involved.

**Note it took 3 months to use the camera, probably look for pictures sometime around...June?

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Viva la Mexico!

Hola All!
We are having a great time. The weather has been amazing, Mason couldn´t have been any better, and we´ve sucked in all the sun we can handle! One negative...Mike and I were up all night tuesday, sick. You imagine it, we were doing it. Not fun. ANd Mason has been healthy as a horse, go figure. But we are feeling great again and are leaving tomorrow. So, there is my update I paid 4 dollars to do! Enjoy! I´ll be home soon with lots of pictures to share.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A follow up on the "hair" post...

I am super busy getting ready for the sun. We leave tomorrow and I know that the more organized I am, the easier it will be for all of us. So I have been busy packing, doing laundry, running errands, and getting Mason's birth certificate. I had to drive to the city we lived in when I had him to get it and that is also where I have my LLL meetings. I hadn't been to one in 3 months because I've had other things going on and couldn't make it, so I really wanted to stop in yesterday. I debated over going because I have been trying to keep Mason is a bubble until we leave for vacation. Who wants a sick, whiney, miserable kid in Mexico? I convinced myself I was again being over-protective and took him, for 5 minutes!!
We walked in and there was a new Mom there. She immediately looked at Mason and said,
"aren't you pretty." I just looked at her and smiled. Then she looked at me and said,"how old is she?" I tried to be nice and said
"he is a boy and he is 2." I then tried to reassure her that it happens all the time. But what I really wanted to say was,"Are you blind? Look at what he is wearing!" He had on a grey sweater, black converse hi-tops and a red and grey camouflage vest. He may have longer hair, but I never dress him like a girl, EVER!
And that was just the beginning.
So then I start talking to a woman who tells us every meeting for the past 2 years that her husband is a DR. Strangely enoungh, she brings her 2 boys with her and they are sick almost every month! Yesterday was no different. Her 7 month old was barking like a dog and her 3 year old had crusty snot under his nose. Ah...thanks but no thanks, you can keep those sickies to yourself. So we left before Mason played with the 3 year-old and I disinfected him on the way out, twice! Geeze people, common sense, no?
Today my goal is to be completely packed and the car loaded as well. It is wishfull thinking, but I am trying. Organization is a stretch for me!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I feel pretty!

"Pretty Mama!"

"Mama pretty hair."

"Pretty ears!"

So it may be coming from a two year old who thinks I look great with my robe on and rollers in my hair, but I'll take it! Everyone needs their own personal ego booster now and then, right?

Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend of Wonderful Weather

This weekend it was beautiful outside! Sunday morning we went on a walk to the park. Now today, there are a bunch of schools that are cancelled because of snow and freezing rain we got during the night. Go figure? Here are a few pictures of my little boy. Please don't tell me he needs a haircut, I hear it all the time and I happen to like it a little longer. He has plenty of years to have a military cut, if that's his thing...
weekend pics 004

weekend pics 003

weekend pics 005

Thursday, March 09, 2006

It's the final countdown...(enter electric guitar)

Mexico, in seven days people. I cannot wait for a hint of color on my pasty white skin. I cannot wait for a virgin Pina Colada. Mexico, here I come. My poochie belly and all!

Today I had the full ultrasound. It took a full hour! I forgot how painful it is to hold 32 ounces of water in your bladder for an hour. Let me just tell you, it is not uncomfortable, it really hurts. I got to a point where I got nauseous! Seriously nauseous from holding in pee, so I went. Yup, I gave the finger to the written instructions and emptied my bladder. It felt so good...for about 5 minutes. Then I had to go again and didn't let myself. By the time I got to the ultrasound office, I was beginning to sweat. When the ultrasound tech came to get me I walked hunched over to the room. She asked if I needed to relieve myself a bit. "Oh hell yeah!" She made me go in a cup and only let me empty 7 ounces. Don't tell, but I really peed 9 oz. It felt too good to stop.

The ultrasound looked perfect. Me official due date is Sep. 19th. The Dr. had me at the 18th, so the whole date fib, was, well pointless. But I got to see so many cool things in my little alien baby. The eye sockets are forming and the legs move all over. She told us the baby was about 2 inches long, not including the legs. With legs around 4 in. My uterus is right below my belly button. Scary! It should be at my belly button at 20 weeks, but I am not surprises since every appt. with Mason they told me I measured large. I guess I make big babies! Let's just hope this one stays comfy until at least 37 weeks. I hear guacamole does great things for babies in utero...did I mention I am going to Mexico next week?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

If I could makeout with Wal-Mart I would!

Hope I don't offend, but let's be realistic. Wal-Mart is very White Trash! Everytime I go I am either walking behind someone with breath-taking B.O., am a witness to someone shouting at his wife to shut the F!#*- Up, or a mom smacking her kids! But does it stop me from going? Nope, I go there weekly and I don't know entertainment possibly?
Well now, I LOOVVVEE Wal-Mart! You know my whole Kushies Swim diaper disaster? I found a Canadian Wal-Mart that can get me one by next Wednesday by the latest! I had to pay an extra $10 for 2 day air, but I'll have the damn swimsuit for Mason! Hell Yeah!! Apparently Canadian Wal-Marts are way cooler that US Wally-Worlds. I'll take it!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Baby Update!

I met my Nurse Midwife today...LOVED HER! Seriously, she is perfect for what I want/expect for my pregnancy. She was completely fine with me still nursing Mason and saw no reason for me to quit. The only weird thing is that we couldn't hear a heartbeat. Mine kept coming over the Doppler instead, so they ended up doing a mini ultrasound and we saw the little beebster bouncing around with a beating heart! Yay! I am going back Thursday for a full hour-long ultrasound for them to ahem, confirm dates. Fine with me.
In other news, I am a tad pissed. Remember those adorable swim diapers I bought nearly three weeks ago for Mexico? Yeah, well I finally emailed the company yesterday and got a reply today saying that they are on back order until the 16th of March! Fantastic, that is the day we leave. So it looks like we'll be taking the typical Little Swimmers. Talk about horrible customer service! Life goes on.

Monday, March 06, 2006

The 7-11 Baby.

After reading a few post this weekend, I am again faced with this strange feeling. When did raising babies become a convenient past-time? My husband and I have talked for hours about this topic and it is one messed up one at that.

If you think about it, almost everything you buy in Wal-mart type stores are gadgets to make child rearing easier and more convenient. Don't get me wrong, I am guilty too, I loved being able to free up my hands once in a while and use Mason's swing. But this time around, I am going to try to be even more conscious. What happens in poorer countries? I am not positive, but I can pretty much guess. They hold their babies all. the. time. The nurse their babies when they want to eat. And they probably don't let them cry it out, worrying that they'll wake up the other 6 kids that are asleep in the same room. So who is better off?

Thankfully my husband and I are on the exact same page when it comes to this topic. We both held/hold Mason a whole lot. We still run up to his room if he wakes up crying in the middle of the night. We believe that he is too young to be left behind for us to go on vacation without him. And speaking of that, our upcoming vacation may not be a peaceful as it may have been with him behind, but we both know that by the second day, we'd be miserable without him!

The crazy part, is that there are actually people that make us feel strange about not having left him overnight yet! What? He'll only be my baby for maybe another year, then he's never going to what to be with his parents anymore. He'll have places to go and people to see. My mother-in law has made the comment to me close to a dozen times,"They all leave you eventually, anyway." God, that comment hurts to hear! Yes it is true, painfully true, but I do not want to put less of myself into this job and think of it that way. For now, I want to hold, kiss, snuggle, hug and be with my little boy as much as I can. For soon, he'll be out with the neighbor kids playing tag and I'll have to bribe him for an hour of time and maybe if I'm lucky, a kiss goodnight.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

I have 5 minutes so...

Mason is sick! He has an awful chest cold, nothing but coughing and a fever. And of course he won't take anything. I've tried it all! I even went to Wally World last night and bought these new Tylenol Meltaways. I told them they were candy and he downed 2, easy. Today he is acting like they are rat poison. So we have done absolutely nothing today except cuddle. I love it, but I can't help but hold my breath every time he hacks in my face, poor guy. I knew we were due. He hasn't had a cold since summer, so I knew when he got one it would be a whopper. So that's the scoop. He woke up for nap number 2 screaming for a moonie (movie), so I through in Thomas and got a five minute break, AMEN! Have I mentioned that I think people get sick through the internet? I don't have time to link, but my sidebar has them. the "very" family is sick, the "rockstar" family is sick, and amalah's familia has been sick. What gives? So I am here, just very, very busy tending to my whiney, sick boy.