Friday, September 28, 2007

Back with a Vengence!

Sit back, take your shoes off. Hell! Go make yourself a margarita!

This could take a while.

Button's new resident is moving in today and we could very well be slapped with a lawsuit from Captain Dickwad. First, we got phone call informing us that we should write him a check for around 4 thousand dollars, just cuz. Right. Let me get right on that. We didn't and he had his lawyer write us a somewhat threatening letter telling us to pay an absurd amount within 5 days. I don't know about you guys, but do people usually have 4 grand in between the couch cushions? What a dumb ass. The totally hard up realtor went and tried to find any way possible that he could get some money out of us since we fired his sleazy ass. I guess there is some clause stating that if a seller refuses a full asking price offer, commission is to still be payed. We were actually offered full price with the contingency of replacing the furnace ( a 2 thousand dollar contingency BTW) so we aren't too worried. Asshole.

Button's new resident is a girl I know. She is actually a single mom with a three year old son. She is super excited to be moving in. The day she started moving in, we were hanging out chatting when my other friend and neighbor walked a fresh baked apple pie over to my house. It smelled fantastic and was and still hot when I got home. Who knew you could be both a fantastic photographer and pie maker. Not to mention a Weight Watcher sabotager, hmph. Anyway, we sliced a piece and devoured it. I decided I should take a slice over to the new button owner. I got it all ready and told the kids I'd be back in one minute since she's right next door. I headed out the door, dropped off the piece of pie and Mason was directly behind me. We headed right back to get Harper who I could hear screaming at the door. I reached for the door and Oh, Shit. LOCKED! She must have been reaching for the door handle and spun the lock just enough to lock it. I ran around to the other 3 doors of our house, all locked. I started to freak out. Before I could think of anything else, I went into the garage, grabbed a screw driver and sliced the hell out of my bedroom screen. Mason was willing to be my little helper and crawled right in and unlocked the door within 10 seconds. Thank God for my little helper and my safe little girl.

I feel like after my writing slump, I all of a sudden have so much to talk about! Oh, and tomorrow, make sure to stop by. That's all I'm sayin...

Friday, September 21, 2007


One year ago today, I woke up scared to death. Scared of giving birth. Scared to meet the little person I was growing inside of me. Scared of our nice little family changing. At 2:36 your warm gooey body was draped across my chest and I knew everything was going to be just fine.

Harper 024

We brought you home after only 24 hours and you were healthy and perfect in every way. At least your dad and I thought you were. Mason? He wasn't so sure. He loved to hold you and kiss you but he took a while to learn how share his time with you. It is unbelievable how things have changed.

Harper 034

You are so in love with your brother it makes my heart ache. You try to do everything just like him, even trying to mimic his occasional temper tantrums, squealing and then checking to see if we are all laughing with you. But more than anything else, I love how the two of you hold hands in the car. It is so sweet to look back at the two of you and see each of your arms reached across the middle seat hand in hand. It is truly amazing.


You are a very active little girl, walking all over. You started a little over 10 months and never turned back. You say a few words like Mama, bye bye, uh-oh, guh-boy (good boy). You are a great impersonator; If I blink hard you blink hard. If I blow a raspberry, so do you. Speaking of raspberries, you hardly eat anything. You prefer milky and that's OK with me; It is what I am here for.

Harper and Mama

The relationship you have with your Dad is a special one. Watching the two of you, I can feel the love you have for each other and it makes me love both of you that much more. I love to tell people how you have him wrapped around your little finger. When he tries to tell you "no", you just cock your head to the side and smile at him. He cracks every. single. time.
Good Girl!


I have to say though, you are still a mama's girl. For the majority of this past year you've not gone to anyone but your dad and me. At times it was frustrating but deep down we love it. We've learned that our babies are babies for such a short time and we need to soak up all the lovin' we can get. Your grandma was over last week and we talked about how shy you are. You are never short on smiles, but you are happiest in my arms.

100_0730.JPG 100_0737.JPG

Now, looking back on the past year I can say that everything was better than fine, it was amazing. Of course there were times that were hectic but I wouldn't change any of it. You've blended right into our family and brought out the best in all of us. You make me feel like the most special person in the world.


I love you baby girl!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is My Zipper Open?

I've been really crazy busy lately. Not in a bad way, it has been a good busy. But, I am so far behind in my favorite blogs you'll have to keep me posted if I am missing anything good and juicy m'kay?

Are you wondering what the hell is going on here and why all my posts are so half-assed?

Here's the scoop, bullet style.

* Harper walks, like a woman on a mission.

*Mason poops. In the toilet. Everyday.

*Mason gets a big boy bike for said poop and rides it. Without training wheels!

*My 3 year old rides a two wheel bike! Like a champ!

*Mason also gets 2 fish from Ahma and Grappa for going poop. The fish poop all the time. They are sort of gross.

*Remember Button? As of Oct 1st she isn't ours anymore! Who-Rah!

*Tomorrow my baby girl turns one! Someone hold me. Where did the past 365 days go?

Hopefully I can keep my head on straight for the next couple of weeks. Bare with me.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fashion Police

After a long debate on how I really feel about the trapeze style tops. I have deciped they are totally thumbs up. I can't think of a better way to conceal muffin top. Who-Rah!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Proud Mama.

Today we ate lunch at McDonald's. Every time we go (once every couple of weeks) we see the same lady. A deaf woman whos job is to wipe down all the tables and keep the floors tidy. We keep her very busy.

I have never heard a sound from this woman however she is always smiling sweetly. Today I talked to Mason about her. After she had come over to sweep underneath our table for the third time and I mouthed "thank you" to her. I explained to Mason that the woman couldn't hear - she was deaf and that she speaks sign language. Then we talked about the signs that he knows. "Thank you" being one of the few he remembers.

As we were leaving Mason pushed the high chair that Harper had used back to its spot. The woman was right there waiting to wipe it clean and took it from Mason. Again I said Thank you to the woman and Mason put is hand up to his chin and brought it out signing "Thank you" perfectly. The woman who never says a word immediately said,
"Aww, your welcome!" in her distinct hearing impaired voice. Mason walked away proudly and I held back tears. My heart nearly swelled from my chest. He had made her day and mine too. This sweet little boy is mine!

I couldn't be more proud.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This kid is awesome!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Vote for Pedro!

Did you really think his name was Pedro? Really? Nope, it's not, but I hear latin men are fantastic in bed! Roooaaarrr! Pedro however doesn't have an ounce of latin blood in him, not to say that he is not fantastic in bed. This is getting weird; What was I talking about again?

Right. The story of Pedro. I think it was my very first post ever and I kept going back to look at my new blog that I just knew I was going to love. I noticed that some guy had commented that he thought I was a milf! I was so excited that I called Pedro to tell him.

"OMG! Some guy signed my blog and he thinks I am a milf! OMG!"

And then there was laughing. A whole bunch of laughing. And just like that my bubble burst. Pedro was my husband, not some guy from the internet who and found me out and thought I was totally hot.

It just stuck. Pedro.

Now you all know that deep down I am just a big dork with a husband who calls himself Pedro.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Flip this house. Flip-off the realtor.

Do you remember waaaay back when I talked about us buying a house? A second house that we wanted to flip? Yes? No? OK I'll recap. We bought this house that was vacant for around five years. It was this tiny little house that happened to be next door to us and was offered to us at a crazy low price. Like the price of a new car. I am not even kidding. So we took on the project and worked our hiney's off. OK, fine. Pedro worked his hiney off, I was big and pregnant. I picked the paint colors and painted them. They are fantastic colors too...

Anyway. We listed the house as the real estate market plummeted right into the sewer. Two months ago we agreed to let our over-baring neighbor re-list it. He is a creepy dude. Pedros reasoning...If he is that ambitious, maybe he can sell it? The man is an asshole. He is thinking about his own bank statement, not ours. Yesterday he came over all huffy. I was driving in.

"I bet you are looking for Pedro?"


"He had to go to Chicago for the week."

"He told me he'd meet with me today!"

"Sorry. I think we are going to decline the offer."

"Just decline and let the buyer walk away? I think you are making a huge mistake."

"Sorry. We just worked on this house too long and too hard to not even brake even."

"Why then am I wasting my money marketing it if you aren't willing to budge."

"The house is paid for and we really need to look out for ourselves and not lose money." (since you obviously aren't concerned about our best interest ASSHOLE!)

"Well I need to eat too." (WTF. Did he really just say that? I am done.)

"I'll have Pedro call you...(dickface)"

"OK have a goodnight." (I think he realized he just made an ass of himself.)

"Yup." (Trying to not jump out of the car and kick him square in the nuts.)

So tell me. When did it become OK for the realtor you hire to treat you like garbage? Isn't he supposed to be concerned with my best interest?

So now we are taking it off the market and hoping to rent it for a year or two. Who wants to be my neighbor. I bake things like cupcakes and cookies and take them to my neighbors...Now? Alright, fine. At least take a look at it. Click on the picture for the entire set.

flip this house

She's cute isn't she? She is causing me all kinds of grief;I think I'm ready to name her. We may be together for a loong time. Betsy? Does she look like a Betsy to you?

Monday, September 03, 2007