Monday, April 30, 2007


I probably won't be around much. I am busy getting my ass kicked while Pedro is in NY for the entire week. Kudos to all the single moms out there; I suck at it! Keep me in your thoughts.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Bloggers without Makeup!

Steph from Adventures in Babywearing is at it again. This time we are baring it all! It is a bloggers without makeup tag. Wanna play? Go to her site and leave a link, thats all!
*no makeup, the boob, and the pants you all love, again!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Confessional

I hardly ever post anymore, right? Wanna know why? I've been busy throwing out all the skeletons in my closet at True Mom Confessions. Be warned, highly addictive stuff. If I am not posting my dirty laundry, I am clicking on every other one saying, "me too!" Only 65 or so are mine, now try to figure out which...I'll never tell.

I saved a few confessions for here too.

First, I got a new car two weeks ago. Why didn't I tell you all like two weeks ago? I feel like I am always talking about getting new cars, but let me just throw my husband in front of the bus and tell you, It is all him! I did get a new car just a year ago and to make a long story short, it was a lemon. My new car is this one...isn't she pretty? I don't get that into my cars but I do think she's pretty sweet.

What was I talking about now? Confessions, right. The part I love most about this new car, it has Sirius radio. I am already addicted. My favorite channel from 4-6 pm the Martha Stewart channel. It is the Whatever show with Alexis Stewart and Jennifer. It is freaking hilarious. Alexis Stewart is so inappropriate I love her. Then there is the coffee house channel, which I love. It makes me almost feel like I am chillin' at Starbucks when in reality I am changing the 5th poopie diaper of the day. What a deal, right. Now if only I could figure out which channel makes me feel like I am hanging out on the beach smelling suntan lotion...

I lost 20. Woot Woo!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Duh...Who hasn't tasted armpit?

I have been stuck at this 18.6 lb. weight loss for almost a month now and I want to get to an even 20 damnit! So this week it is going to happen ( as I eat wheat thins while typing). I feel good though. I have energy and regularity and all those fantastic things that come with being healthy.

This weekend I was thinking about food and all the things that I really love. The problem is that I love a whole bunch of foods. Really there are very few things I won't eat. I once thought I'd be adventurous and try some new sushi. I tried Makerel, with it's reflective skin and all. It was pretty strong; I ate it, but I won't order it again. Another time Pedro and I were at a sushi place that we were regulars at and the sushi guy thought I should try salmon roe. I was sure I'd like it, I love salmon sushi and I love flying fish eggs so how could I go wrong? Uh, how could it go right? It was similar to licking the slime off the bottom of a fishing boat that hadn't been washed down in a good 3 years. Another one I won't order again. But hit me with another kind. I'll try it and I'll probably like it!

Back to this weekend though. So when I was thinking about common foods that I really dislike, I came up with two, raw onion and mango. Then I started thinking deeper into what I really dislike about them.

First, mangos. I love the color, the texture is fine, the smell is fine, but the taste. Ick! They taste like armpit! The musty sharp funk is what I can't get over. I've thought it through thoroughly too and it isn't that the one I tried was not ripe, I've tried probably a hundred and they all taste like armpit.

Raw onion is just too strong, and you know what else? They smell like an armpit of an Olympic wrestler. Is is the sharp funky smell that hits me first and them the taste is the second round. I could probably get over it if the sharp taste just lasted during the bite, but it lasts for hours. Great, now my mouth smells like an armpit too!

So there you have it. I like all foods that don't remind me of an armpit. It's deep isn't it. Very, very deep.

**and next week a review of all cheese that smells like toe grime. The stinkier, the tastier. Mmmmmmmm.....

Monday, April 16, 2007

Five Questions

I got interviewed by the very cute and witty Metalia. Not only is she one of my new blogging faves, but she posts pictures of toys that look rather phallic! You should definitely check her out if you haven't already. These are her 5 questions for me.

1. Would you like to have more kids? If so, how many?

Jeese, bringing me to tears on the first question? Wah...
Here is the long answer. I always thought it would be neat to have a bunch of kids. The number, four. But, I am struggling with two. I hate the feeling of just barely keeping my head above water and it is totally how I feel these days. Not to mention hard to divide up the time between the kids and my husband, oh and myself too. I never knew having kids would be so hard on a marriage! I am pretty sure I am done at two. At least for the next five years, thank you Mirena.

2. What's the most glam thing you own, and what's the most granola?

I should answer this with a picture...of my two favorite pairs of shoes.

But really, the list goes on and on and on. I love Hype bags. I have two; a big black one and a medium camel one, and a camel wallet too. I don't switch up my bags very often so I like to have nice smoothie leather ones that feel great and can be wiped off when I little spit-up happens to land on them.

Oh Lordy. The whole granola bit could get embarrassing. Besides the fact that I breastfed my son until he was three and that I make my own hummus and use natural's got to be the Birkenstocks.

3. Wine or beer?

Hmmmmm...probably wine. Unless of course we are out eating Mexican food, then it would definitely be a beer in a chilled, salted mug. My mouth! It is watering like mad!! Want to go get Mexican food anyone?

4. What's your most irrational fear?

Germs. I am totally freaked out by germs. If I know someone is sick even with a cold, I stay away. In my purse you will find: Purell, antibacterial Wet Ones, Clorox wipes (for highchairs and restaurant tables). No wonder my hands look like those of an 80 years old woman!

5. If you were invisible for a day, who would you spy on? Why?

Over a year ago I posted about my nice next door neighbor. He does some shady after hours stuff that we haven't been able to confirm but it is shady non the less. To put it bluntly, we think he could be a man-whore.

Now, wasn't that fun? You should do it too!

1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” (If I don't have your email address already, either leave it in the comment or email me at

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

7 Days: seven

Can I getta Woot!

7days 008

Saturday, April 14, 2007

7 Days: six

Happy Saturday!

7days 007

Friday, April 13, 2007

7 Days: five

Wasting away again in Margaritaville.

7days 005

Thursday, April 12, 2007

7 Days: four

Before you look at this picture and say "ick!", let me tell you about my day. Now I know I am not supposed to say a whole lot but rather let my awesome pictures tell the story, but I like to talk sometimes.

Harper has some little stomach bug. She's been pooping weird poo for 3 days now. On a positive note, she has been taking her morning nap in her crib, yay! This morning I took her upstairs and nursed her, all the while hearing what sounded like dishes being done downstairs. I got her all settled and went down to find that Mason was trying to do some dishes with a half of a big bottle of Dawn Ultra Concentrated. I need to throw in all those details because the ultra concentrated part makes a huge differnce. I still am feeling soapy residue on all the counter tops.

After about the sixth diarrhea poop I decided poor little girl should get a tub to soothe her little bum. I got in with her and she pooped sick diarrhea poop everywhere. I am pretty non-phased by the whole puke/ poop thing, but this, this was just nasty! I showered myself off thankyouverymuch.

After all was said and done, it was time to get both kids to take the afternoon nap. Mason went down without a hitch. I started feeding Harper and she passed out immediately. I was just about to move her when the doorbell rings, the dog goes ape and I am ready to ream some ass. Oh, Harper woke up too so the whole winding down thing needed to be started over. Damn homeschooled neighbor boy wanted cans, CANS!

So cut me some slack today. Yes I am feeding her, yes those are my PJs and no I haven't brushed my teeth. . . still haven't! Wanna come over and give Mama a kiss...


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

7 Days: three

7days 003
This picture sucks, but I have to show you what we are experiencing today! Bullshit, don't you think? It is almost mid-April. Ugh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

7 Days: two

7days 002

Does a walk count as a "walk" if you stop mid-walk and get an Oatmeal Raisin cookie and a non-fat Chai?

Monday, April 09, 2007

7 Days: One

I've still got the blahs but I am out the door to Yoga, my church. Oops! Was that out loud? Yoga is very refreshing for me and it makes me feel more spiritual than anything else.
7days 005
I'm just saying, my attitude needs a deep cleaning, STAT!

Sunday, April 08, 2007


I've got a lot going on in my head and heart tonight. I'm starting tomorrow.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Quitting is not an option!

I was playing around with flickr yesterday and saw something really cool. It was a 7 days of self-portrait pool. Of course it took place last month. It was a really neat way to see how a persons life runs, with very few if any words.

So I am doing my own.

Starting Sunday, Easter Sunday, I will be posting a self-portrait everyday for the next week. I think it might be neat to see my daily life in pictures. You may see more than you ever wanted to see. At least you won't be able to tell if I brushed my teeth for the first time at 4 pm, not that that ever happens. I'm just sayin. Being a stay at home Mama is not always glamorous!

Anyone want to join in the fun?

Monday, April 02, 2007

It's a Virtual Tea Party!

As if you needed any more proof that I am a tad, how should I say...crazy.

Here goes. I think Harper is effected by caffeine. I refuse to give up my morning coffee, but I have made some adjustments during the day. I live less than 3 blocks from Starbucks. It is not a good thing, except that people always know what to get me for gifts. Hello, Starbucks gift cards! I think it is fair to say on the weekends we hit Starbucks everyday and I hit it most days during the week. Most times I get something with no coffee or at least less caffeine than brewed coffee. Lately it has been a tall non-fat chai tea latte. It is warm and spicy and I love how the black pepper gives that tiny tingle in your mouth. ( I am all about the tingle. Hi Metalia!)

I digress.

About 5 chais ago I started noticing that as soon as I took my first sip I got the hiccups. Coincidence, right. I had another one a few days later and again the hiccups. I was going to call Pedro and tell him, but I thought he'd tell me I was crazy. With every sip I took, I hiccuped and for I few minutes after I finished. I was totally fascinated but I was scared to tell anyone. Yesterday my mom and I were shopping and we stopped at Starbucks. I got the same and my mom got a tall iced passion tea. First sip I hiccuped. Second, hiccup. She was in the middle of telling me a story and I totally interrupted to tell her my very important finding. Then I made her study me every time I took a sip. Ha! A witness and it still happened! So there you have it. I am not crazy. It is not just in my head. My mom only thought I was slightly crazy that I thought it was such a big deal. So what do you think? Has this every happened to you? And, what the hell in Chai tea is causing me to hiccup?