Monday, July 31, 2006

I'm still here...

I'm just in the midst of spontaniously combusting! It is fricking hot here. Today it is supposed to be 101. I know it is hot everywhere right now, but Friday night I couldn't help but curse a little when it was 96 in Wisconsin and 88 in Miami, Florida. I am sure it doesn't help that my big pregnant body doesn't handle the heat well.

Today I am 33 weeks. One week from today. I had Mason. God, does that freak me out. I keep reminding myself how different everything is this time. I was really swollen already with Mason and it was December. This time my wedding ring still fits! The next time I see my midwife will be the 15th, the day she starts at a new clinic. I think I am her first patient.

This weekend we painted baby sisters room, BLUE! Yes, I know. I have to admit though too much pink gets a tad nauseating and makes me think of Pepto-Bismol, so I wanted to counter act. We bought the bedding and it came last week. It is pretty colorful, so I wanted the walls to be kind of plain. Yes that is coming from a person who has an olive green dining room, a terricotta living room and an avocado little boys room! So I am home today, trying not to melt.

Ice Cream! I hear it does wonders for hot, pregnant, crabby ladies!?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy performing exorcism.

My son has been a nightmare. If it isn't pinching it's throwing toys. If it isn't pulling the dog around by his poor weiner, it is kicking him. I am scared for my unborn childs life!
This weekend a few friends, Mason and I went to a "crunch" festival. Honestly, the hippies put me to shame. They were completely oblivious to the dirt under their nails and the smell they were emitting from their pits. I wasn't. Total wannabee I guess, or maybe not. I had to go to my "happy place" to eat the food they had prepared me with those hands.
The highlight of the trip was the blueberry picking. Since Mason loves all things fruit I thought he'd love an all-you-care-to-eat buffet of blueberries. He did, but then got bored. He wandered over to two little girls probably 3 and 4 who were watching their little brother, probably 4 months, who was strapped into a bouncy seat while their Mom picked berries. I watched Mason out of the corner of my eye and finally decided I didn't trust him around the baby. As I walked over to get my son who had a twinkle of the devil in his eye, he reached down to the bottom of the bouncy seat and flipped it over. Yep, with the baby it. I was so angry and embarrassed it took every bit of patience I own to not beat my son. I am sure I made I small scene when I got in his face and screamed, "What are you doing!" at the top of my lungs. But atleast it didn't get CPS called on my ass. I waited for the mother hen to come over then and ream me, but it never happened. She is a way better person than I.
That night I couldn't do it anymore. Mason does things everyday that make me angry, but this had topped the cake. I had flashes of having a new baby girl and my son hurting her with no remorse. It was awful and I couldn't get it out of my head. When I got home, nearly in tears, I had Pedro take over, for the rest of the night. By the next morning I was better, but still I haven't gotten the fear out of me about this new baby and how she'll be treated by her brother.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Boob Saga - part 645,379

Take two. I wrote this big long post this morning and had it all spell-checked and everything. When I clicked publish it went to a 'unavailable at this time' page. Once I clicked the back arrow, Poof it was gone into internet never,neverland! So this is my second attempt.

Since I've decided to let Mason continue to nurse throughout the pregnancy, it has not been all pleasant. In fact, I've found myself irritated pretty often.

Around 4 months pregnant, the pain started. I mean pain, like the kind that makes you scrunch your face up and curl your toes, pain. But I pushed through to the next stage. The absence of milk stage. This stage lasted for about 2 months. I am sure Mason was getting almost nothing, I couldn't even squeeze a drop out. The hardest part about this stage is the extreme sucking that went along with the milk shortage. Mason would suck so hard trying to get milk out that I was sure when he finally let loose my nipple would be a freakish 5 inch nipple. Thank god they resume their natural state after a few minutes! Then there was the night Mason commented that it "tastes yucky!" I thought this may have been the end only to have ask for it the next day.

Now my supply has come back, but I have found myself so not "into" nursing. Why have I decided not to wean? A few reasons, but mainly because Mason will not take a nap without nursing. Bedtime Mike can do, but naptime is non-existent without me nursing him. And when I do, it takes around 5 minutes of nursing to have him out-cold for 3 hours. Seems simple enough to me, and I know I'll be needing those three blissful hours a whole lot once Baby Sister comes.

Every once in a while something amazing comes out of Masons mouth that confirms the decision I've made to continue. A few weeks ago after a bedtime nursing he said in the sweetest voice, "mmmm, tastes good." Then off to sleep he went. This may sound weird to someone who hasn't nursed, but it is an amazing feeling to know that you are doing something so simple and natural and being appreciated for doing it. It is a hard thing to explain. Monday night was one of those nights that my heart just wasn't into it. I had let Mason nurse for about three minutes then told him we were all done. As I layed him into his crib, he said "Thank You Mama." It made my heart hurt. I felt awful and amazing all at once. "How could I be rushing something that is still so important to my son?" And "How awesome that I've let him decide when he wants to end our nursing relationship." It was very bittersweet and I wish I could put it into words better.

So there you have it. For now, I am putting aside my pregnancy hormones for my little nursing toddler. I still think that when he is done he'll be sure to let me know. For now I am willing to give him what is still very important to him, he doesn't ask for much.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Reunion Recap

The reunion is done and over. It was great to see old friends and catch up on what was going on in the lives of others. Of course there were people who have only gotten sweeter and more sincere, but also those who wouldn't come to the "pay portion" of the night because, "why bother, I don't drink tap beer anyway!" Excuse me while a barf into my paper class of '96 napkin. It makes you wonder if some people will ever grow up?
reunion 001
Saturday night a bunch of old friends started out at my house. Some, I literally hadn't seen in 10 years. We had a drink (I mixed fancy N/A's for some of us) and poceeded onto the big event. It was a prom gone bad! Pedro and the other husbands immediately headed to the bar, and that's where they stayed. I guess someone needed to drink-up for the price we payed for the night. By dinner I think the guys were feeling a little "happy" already, but the status of the men quickly went in a downward spiral.
reunion 007
reunion 006

Pedro took over the D.J.'s job and microphone for the entire night. Not just a song or two, but the whole night. Things really started to get interesting when Pedro started to sing Kareoke.

"Wow, you had Kareoke at your class reunion?"
No, but if you take away the D.J.'s microphone and sing into it louder than the music playing, Kareoke can be done anywhere! And this is what I learned. Some people probably thought this was pretty funny. I however did not. Had I not been sober, possibly. Had it been someone elses spouse, absolutely!

We left around midnight. I informed Pedro it was time to "punch-out" his shift was over, and that was it. We were in bed by 1am and someone was snoring an alcohol induced snore by 1:02am. Great times, great times.
reunion 008

Friday, July 14, 2006

Heat Wave

It has been hot here, really hot. As in 94-96 degrees hot! Yesterday I got despirate and called my retired uncle who has a beautiful pool.
"Do you mind if I bring Mason over to swim for a little while?" He of course said it would be no problem. We went over there at around 11 and stayed until about 1:30. It was pure heaven. While we were there. Mason started a conversation that floored me. He was on the pool entrance steps with his hands pushing up the rest of his body to float.
"Mama I flyin'!"
"You are Mason. You are flyin' like SuperMan!"
" 'bout Buzz Lightyear?"
"OK! You are flyin' like Buzz Lightyear, Awesome!"
Some days it amazing to see the connections that just seem to click in his little brain, amazing!

Other than that, I had my 30 week mid-wife appt. on Tuesday. Everything is still going perfectly. My blood pressure is a tad low, but I am sure it still will sky-rocket by the end. I haven't started to swell either. I think by this time with Mason I was starting to get puffy, you know the very pretty stage of pregnancy.

Last night I couldn't sleep. I was up from 1:30-3:30am. I debated even getting up and doing something, but at some point after 3:30 I fell back asleep until Mason woke up at 6:15am, Uuggghh! I've had a lot on my mind again.

Tonight I have two girlfriends from High School coming over. We have the "cocktail/ classmates ONLY" portion of our reunion. Hopefully I won't float away from all the Sprit I drink. Then tomorrow night is the big dinner. I hope it is a good time. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Picture Page

I think this is 28 weeks, but I am not sure. I feel like I am carrying this baby like a barrel, I son't feel like I am sticking out anymore but getting wider everyday, lovely!
summer06 018

My handsome boys. Have I mentioned that pictures of my husband on flickr get the most traffic out of all my other pictures. NICE! Good thing he stopped reading my blog, I'd hate for him to know.
summer06 017

My Family.
summer06 032

It is a good thing he is so cute, otherwise I'd put him out with the trash alot of days!
summer06 005

At the park. My pretty purse in the background.
summer06 014

...back from sabbatical!

Hey everyone. We went on a mini vacation. I have a bunch on pictures to share, but it has been so long I seriously have forgotten how to upload them, I swear. To be included: the ever expanding belly, the hair, the boy with zoo animals, the (hot, naked) husband with big fish. I kid, he is really clothed but is holding his, I mean, A big fish. Later today...