Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Puffy Lips and Noses.

Seriously, am I the only one who at the end of pregnancy gets a fat nose and puffy lips? Weird, yes. Attractive, no. So on with the updates. Yesterday I saw my midwife who had gave me a full exam and guess what? One centimeter dilated and 50% effaced and straight from her mouth,"The head is way down there." So that explains the shooting pains in my hoo-ha. I am ready to be done and sleep even less than I am now.

For all who were wondering about the dogs wiener, and I know their are a ton of you, Mason has stopped touching it. We may have confused him, but the dogs penis needed a break. Pedro decided to tell him that there was poop on it. So, whenever he touching it Pedro would freak out a little and say, "Gross there is poop on there, quick, lets wash you hands!" And it worked like a charm. He hasn't touched the poopy wiener in over a week.

And last but not least, anyone up for a little contest?
How about a due date and size of Baby Sister.
I need a little encouragement these days. Let the bidding begin...

Monday, August 28, 2006

A week 's gone by...

Today I am 37 weeks. I am full-term and relieved. Last week was rough. My parents who will be taking care of Mason when I have baby sister were in Texas. When my Mom left, she came running back in the house to tell me to keep my legs crossed until they get home,Tuesday which is tomorrow. So now I am happy. The day they left, I was sure I was in labor. I laid on the couch teeth chattering, having contraction after contraction. I was freaked out! Tomorrow I see my mid-wife for a full exam. Then Pedro and I will be having sex every night until this baby comes. Now there is the juice you've been waiting for, right? I'll tell you all about it on Wednesday. Or maybe just a little.

Friday was our 5 year anniversary. We stayed home and had steak and shrimp. Our most low-key anniversary yet, I think I was in bed by 10, alone, eh.

Even though this pregnancy has been easier than with Mason, I still am getting uncomfortable now. I keep having these shooting pains in my hoo-ha, and braxton-hicks all day long. Those things suck! They aren't painful, but they are exhausting and irritating. I feel like I have a basketball in my stomach that is about to shoot out through my skin. Oh, and the stretch marks are back in all their glory. Those pretty, pretty stretch marks! Last week my midwife also told me that she doesn't think this is a huge baby. She thought 7-7.5 full term. Sounds fine to me.

I have so many other things that I have been promising too, pictures of the nursery. My two slings which I can't tell if they fit because of this huge belly in the way. Belly pictures. Anything else I am forgetting? Because I forget a lot these days and my thoughts are pretty scattered, no...

Thursday, August 17, 2006

If only there was a get-away car.

Part 1
Today was one of those days. Ugh. The day started out before Pedro left for work, Thank God. I am all about letting the child lead as far as potty training, but this boy of mine needs to be TRAINED. His new thing, each morning is,
"Here comes big poop!"
Then I chime in as quickly as a I can,
"Ok Quick, lets go on Dada's potty!"
"No Thanks."
"Mason, if you go poop on the potty, we'll go to the store and you can get a new truck, or motorcycle..."
"Or train..." Pedro chimes in.
But no, the boy proceeds to poop himself and asks to be changed immediately following.
Now, multiply that times 6. Oh no, I am not exaggerating. We had 6 poopie diapers today. Pedro only was home for one of them.

Part 2

Next, have I mentioned my sons obsession with the poor dogs penis? It is absolutely an obsession that I am almost too embarrassed to talk about. If the dog is resting peacefully, Mason is strategizing his way to get to Otto's dog-hood. The problem is the dog is so passive, he practically opens his legs up for Mason. It is all very sick and wrong, I know. The problem is I don't see it every time. When I do, I stop it immediately. Today he did it once, I threatened a time out. Second time, he got a time out. Yet the problem got worse. I was removing him from his timeout spot, explaining that we never touch Otto's peepee because it hurts him. Just then the dog walks over to us during our little heart to heart and Mason reaches underneath Otto looking for his penis and pets it ever so gently, "Nice Otto's Peepee."
God help me, my point is not getting across. Then he asks "I kiss Otto's Peepee?"
"Ah, No (in a horrified half yell)! We don't ever touch his Peepee."
I wish I were exaggerating, God, I wish I were making this up, but I am not. Just tell me my son is starting to be very in tune with his penis (and the dogs) because he is starting to potty train. That would make me feel so much better.

Part 3
Then there was the hitting, the constant yelling, "Mama go way!" and the never ending meltdowns. I can assure you one thing. Had a not been pregnant, I'd be drunk as hell right now. It was a day that bad!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

What being a parent is all about...

I had no intentions of writing a post like this today, but I just read the most touching post ever! If you have a minute please read it. I had to wipe more than one tear away while reading, just so you a good way.

Monday, August 14, 2006


I have decided that my links need to be updated, bad. Some of the sites I look at, I have to surf to other sites to get there off their links. I think I've found some good ones to update, but I am always open to others to check out. Let me know if you know of any blogs I HAVE TO READ! Thanks.

You bought a wha...

I've been married to Pedro now for nearly five years. Still, I figure more out about him each day. Yesterday, I bopped upstairs to see what he was doing on the computer and saw a screen that said, "Thank you for your purchase."

"Uh...what did you just buy?"
"A new computer."
"Why? Our computer is fine."

It is too late. He bought a new Apple Powerbook, I think. Whatever. I don't have the energy to fight these days. We've had these issues before, remember?

Next, for the past couple of days, he's been talking about his blog. I thought he was just poking fun at my past-time, but last night he showed me his. My husband has a blog. Nice. So I guess this would be the time to tell him that I bought an expensive impractical...something. But I didn't. I am too practical.

Today I am 35 weeks pregnant. I am a little over a week farther than I made it with Mason. What a relief. Tomorrow I see my midwife who starts working at a new clinic. I also have an exam to see if I am at all dialated or effaced. Exciting stuff!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Guilty Skeletons

I am not sure which is worse, being ashamed about the way you feel about someone in your family or the way that person in your family acts. This weekend was my shower. It was wonderful. It was nice and small and made me excited all over to be a Mama to a new baby girl. Except there is always something looming over head. The way someone in my family will act.
First, no one has talked to this person in 3 days, meaning she isn't and hasn't been sober. So, will she even show up.
Next, once she walks through the door, the drama starts. Oh, the drama. I am not sure my family would know what to do without the drama.
Then the inappropriate, attention getting comments, stories that never end.

I know I used to be an extrovert. A definite extrovert, but over the past 5 years I have changed a lot. I have become comfortable with who I am and I don't feel like I need to start every conversation or always have the focus on me. In fact, I like to listen a lot. I don't like to always talk about me. I am a person though and like all people, I like to have relationships of all sorts. The problem is a relationship no matter who it's with is always about give and take. I have given and given, and dropped things that were happening in my own family to try to help out and now, I AM TIRED. I have given for too long and really have never received anything in return except anxiety. As awful as that sounds it is reality and sometimes reality bites!
At my shower, conversations were interrupted so this person could tell me about the new man in her life. Except, I have been hearing about this man for the past month she has been dating him, she just doesn't remember. I heard about other family issues that were discussed on the phone just three days before which only led me to believe that she was drunk during the phone conversation too. All of which was made the focus of my shower. Embarrassing and Exhausting!
I wish I knew the next steps to take but I don't. At this point I just feel like I am tired of it all. I don't have a perfect life, but I am usually pretty happy and optimistic about the way my life is going. But, I too have challenges. I have a perfectly naughty 2.5 year old who most days requires every bit of my patience. I have a husband who I am very lucky to have but like most of you know, making a marriage work takes a lot of effort too. And I happen to want to be married forever. I have a new baby on the way that I know is going to overwhelm me, but I am trying to mentally prepare. And I have friends, really good friends that I want to be there for just like they are for me. I don't have the time or energy to take on additional drama that only brings me down. I am tired of the lies, tired of the excuses, and tired of the selfishness.

So what is next? I am not ready to cut this person out of my life, but I can't take the drama anymore. Even if she is my sister.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Nothing to say...

It has been a boring week. I have really nothing to talk about, except that I haven't left my house. I am getting to the point where I walk a few feet and I am pooped. Or, even better, I walk a few feet get kicked in the bladder and feel like I am about to wet myself. I run to the nearest bathroom to relieve myself only to release about 3 dribbles. Too much info? Sorry ladies it is all I have to talk about these days.

Other than that, the county fair is going on right now. As much as I love how close my house is to a very nice park, I hate the "fair week" each summer. My uncle describes it well,
"People come out of the woodwork. They save up their money all year to spend at the fair on rock band mirrors and oversized stuffed animals."
You'd have to really see these toothless folk to understand.

I am having a baby shower on Sunday. My mom is having it at her house for me. I never got to have on for Mason since he was so early. The day my Mom was dropping off the invites at the post office, I dropped my water. Ironic, no?

Enough snark from me, I'll try to post some pictures of the belly and the shower.