Thursday, July 28, 2005

You thought dust bunnies sucked. . .

Well what do you know, Tuesday night my Pedro and I got a little ambitious and decided to redo our dining room. Yes, the same dining room we redid when we moved in 14 monthes ago! I don't mean a little picture moving, I mean major paint stripper high remodeling! We went to Home Depot after dinner and bought a can of paint stripper. WE came home ripped up the carpet, but the boy to bed, and began our wild huffin' high night! We stripped the whole wood floor down to bare wood! I woke up Wednesday with the worst hang-over ever from those fumes! Wednesday night, sanded the whole floor and now we have begun putting poly on it. We are keeping it natural. So now today I picked out the new paint color for the walls and we are working on the trim tonight. Have you ever been in a house that has undergone any sanding projects? IT SUCKS! I have dusted 4 times and I forsee about a dozen more before it is gone. That shit is everywhere!! I'll have to post pictures when it is done. Oh and my other project for the week is to learn how to put pictures up by Sunday! We'll have to see how that turns out. More updates later!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Monday Bloody Monday!

Monday is off with a bang!! In the two hours since the boy woke up, he has managed to:

1. unplug and spill the oil from a wall scented plug in. The smell is making me want to puke even after bath. "matchbox cars" on the carpet with the potatoes I made him for breakfast.

3. suck Lysol out of the rag in the bucket used to clean up from 1. and 2. (hopefully calling poison control isn't the next thing added to my Monday agenda)

Oh yeah the dog barfed the contents of three meals too! It's OK though, Lysol bucket was already prepared from above activities! Ahhhhh the joys of being a stay-at-home-mom!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Schenkenberg VS. Cheesecake

Marcus Schenkenberg is hot I mean smokin' hot. Tease if you will, but I would rather eat broccoli from in between that man's teeth than dodging horse dung piles with that hillbilly Kenny Cheesecake! I mean Kenny did marry sour-splooge-face Zellwinger.
Heehaw I'm out!

(couldn't resist the 12 year old in me was dying to come out!)

The Blogging Cluster F*ck

Wow, so the more I become addicted to blogging and checking certain blogs daily, I am realizing how much drama is involved! Oh my GOD. I can't get away from it, but I love it. So now I've decided that when I move away to MY island named only with tongue clicks, I am taking a laptop too. For those of you who aren't deep into it, you should be. No cheesy "burning loins" novel could ever compare.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drama Momma

Do you ever have days that make you want to run away? I don't mean to go buy a new pair of shoes or go to a spa, I mean run FAR away!! We'll it is one of those days. I seem to have these feelings around the same time each month. . .coincidence, hmmmmm? I wish I had the balls and bling to buy my own island in the virgin islands and no one could come or call me without a private invitation from yours truly. I would take my husband and my boy and live happily ever after without the drama of people and problems you cannot get away from. I would wear a coconut bra (made from a huge coconut), and the men on my island would wear a banana leaf. I 'd really become one with nature. I'd start my own island fashion. Crunchie Island Glam! Sign me up.
The old cliche' The Grass is Always Greener , shines so true to me but does it ever stop? When do you really feel like what you are doing and where you are is what is right for you. It seems like a big vicious circle that I want to stop. Can't life just be a triangle instead of a circle?
Well I am of to start cleaning, my MIL is coming for the afternoon tomorrow. . . it never stops.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Single Mom Exaustion!

I am pooped! So we have been crazy lately with the holidays and all. We bounced from Pedro's family's cottage to mine and then off to the airport we went to see Pedro off to Cali. Gulp, 5 days just me and the tornado! The bonus of it all was that Pedro took a friendly bump that delayed him a whoppin' 40 minutes and got a free round trip ticket out of it. Sweet!! Now maybe we can take a mini vacation! Dreams sometimes come true right? Until then I am at home slaving away in the hot kitchen! Casserole yesterday, banana bread today, pot brownies tomorrow. Just kidding, those days are long gone. I have the boy now, and by the end of the day if I can lift a glass of wine to my lips without passing out, it's a good day!
I have to say he's been really good so far. I think the trick is to keep busy and not stay kooped inside. Tomorrow we are going up to my families cottage wih my Mom so she can help a bit with the boy. The problem is, he sleeps terrible everywhere but home. It is suppose to be beautiful outside so my plans are to swim him until he's exausted and then swim him a little more until he passes out. So I am out until Saturday and hopefully I'll get back to my faithful blogging. I know I'd be better if some of my girls would comment once in a while so I don't feel like I am writing to a damn computer that can't respond!! Anyway I am going to go rest my butt on the couch and relax a bit!

Pedro~ hurry home, my loins are aching already!! (wink,wink)