Saturday, December 17, 2005

Two years ago today...

mason tiny 003

It is hard to believe you are 2 today! You have come so far from the tiny preemie I had two years ago, yet a lot about you still holds true today. When you decided you were ready to come out, out you came. You didn't care that you were supposed to "cook" another six weeks. It was pretty scarey those first few days, but you were a fighter. And you are still a fighter. You fight me changing your diaper, you fight when it is time to leave the train table at Barnes and Noble, and you fight when you are tired of me taking to long at the grocery store. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around you has commented "what a busy boy." That you are, a busy boy!

mason tiny 016

You have developed quite a personality and you definitely have some quirks. You still hardly eat. Unless of course it is some green vegetable. I am not joking. The other nightI made a super nice dinner and after your thrid helping of green beans, we thought it was time for you to eat something else, no such luck. We then laughed and wondered how many other parents have to limit the amount of vegetables there kids eat. You still nurse though and really have shown no signs of stopping. I sometimes wish you would, but I have to say I relish those before bed sessions in the rocking chair. I love your warm, baby scented body nuzzled up close to me and sometimes wish I could just stop time and stay there with you forever.


Your language has recently astonished your Dada and I. You repeat everything and have now started putting your own thoughts together. The other night your Dada left the car to run in the house and you immediately got worried and said,"Dada back?" You love to tattle on yourself too. If I am in the other room and I hear "wha di do doo?" I come running to figure out what did you do. You are great at naming animals too. This week we had your picture taken. The very patient girl kept trying to get you to laugh with a stuffed frog then a feather duster, then a lady bug, then back to the frog. You blurted out "fauk!" The shocked girl asked what you said and I quickly defended you saying " That's right, it is a frog!" You are also really into singing and dancing. Your Dada and I love watching you perform your own rendition of the Wiggles "Rock-a-bye Your Bear". It is the cutest ever! You are also completely into trucks, tractors and trains. You love to say Hi to them "ha twac-tew!". You also give your favorite truck and train (Lony) kisses before you go off to bed.

orchard 022

Speaking of your Dada, watching the two of you brings me to tears often. You have these special little things you do. You are not the typical little polite boy who shakes hands, your Dada went all out and taught you the "bumping knuckles" thing. You know where you make a fist and touch another persons knuckles with yours. It is amazing sitting back and watching both of you light-up from the joy of being around the other. You are a very lucky boy to have a Dad who adores you as much as your Dad does.

Picture 044

I know it sounds funny Mason but the love I have for you grows everyday. I now understand the things I use to hear about "loving so much it hurts". I can't even describe it, but I have these overwhelming feelings in my chest and throat when we have special times together, that I have never felt before. I love it when I am busy doing something and you get right in my face, rub my arm and say "Ha Mama!" I love it when your Dada brings you in to wake me up each morning. Seeing your smiling face is the best way to wake up, hands down. I love it when you give kisses and you always have to make a "mmmmm" sound before you will kiss. There are so many thing I love about you I could go on for days. You have made my life so exciting and I can't wait to see how you grow over the next year. You are an amazing little person and make me so happy and if I can make you half as happy as you've made me. . .my job has been a success.

Picture 040

I love you Mason!


Shell said...

I remember my first little one and feeling all those special emotions for the first time. Cherish the times you have with him because, like you always hear, THey do Grow up FAST!! I am really happy to hear that you are a stay at home mom and that you are STILL breastfeeding. Oh how I loved and now miss those breastfeeding times. Please breastfeed as long as you can and don't let the negative comments some may make bother you. You are beautiful as always. You are such a great mommy! -- kisses to you my far away friend1

Ms. Mamma said...

Magical A! My eyes were just brimming over with those salty love drops! The look on Pedro's face is just breathtaking...seriously! It is so sweet and lovely to see that love really coming across. Thanks for sharing that and Happy Birthday from Snowflake!xoxoxox and as he would say, "mmmmmmmmm"

Christy J said...

Hayden says "HAPPY DIRT-DAY TO YOU!"

Happy Birthday my man, maybe you can get your parents to bring you down here to go to Disney with us! Or you and Hayden can play on the beach, he'd love it!!!

Pedro said...
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cubmommy said...

Happy Birthday!! Don't they grow so fast.

I love the pictures. So sweet.

Mama C-ta said...

That was so precious..he sounds wonderful. Those pics are too cute. As much as I hate nursing these days I can totally see how you do and don't want it to stop at the same time.

somebody said...