Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What kind of Doctors do I see?

Hiya.  Wecome to the house of sick!  Sit down and take a load off; It's gonna be here a while.

I never get colds.  So maybe never is a strong word, but my last cold was in June.  Before that?  It had been a good year, cold free.  Don't get me wrong,  my kids get them often, and Pedro too. I get every little stomach bug that walks on by but colds?  Cold are for sissies.  See?  Now you know why I am miserably sick.  I got way cocky.  

Pedro started to feel nasty last Monday.  By Thursday I was feeling good that the rest of us were not going to get it.  "It"  consisted of a wicked fever that lasted 4 days, a super tight chest, and body aches like nobody's business.    By Saturday night, Mason was moaning every hour.  By Sunday night my chest felt like some sumo wrestler was sitting on it.  And last night poor little Harper started shivering uncontrollably.  So sad.  I think this may even be Influenza.  But of course we didn't get the shot.  My crunchiness kind of thinks it's a hoax and even more, I had a Dr.( who was also the rudest doctor ever) explain to me that it is all a prediction.  No thanks.  No predictions are going into my body or my kids.  Maybe I'll feel different in a few years, but for now, that's my story.  And we are all wicked sick.

[Now watch.  The sickness will hold on for weeks because I am about to get cocky again.]

When I start to feel like I am getting sick, there are a few things I do that I swear work.  

*I make chicken soup from scratch.  Every single time anyone in my house gets sick, I make either Chicken Noodle or Chicken Dumpling soup.  I make my own stock from a whole chicken and my mom taught me how to make really good dumplings.   It's a little time consuming, but the kind of time that you don't have to be paying any attention to.  

*I drink hot herbal tea by the gallon with honey and lemon.  I once had a Doctor suggest honey for a tight chest.  He suggested two tablespoons of honey diluted with two tablespoons of hot water.  Chug a lug!  And if you don't puke from the syrupy sweetness it works!  I just prefer to drink mine a little less aggressively, in tea.

*I eat super duper healthy.  I make sure I am getting beyond enough water.  I eat a couple oranges a day.  Blood oranges are in season right now and once you eat one of those, you'll never want regular oranges.  They are so tender.  None of that stringy stuff and they just taste awesome.  I am probably on crack or Theraflu but I think they have a hit of berry-ish flavor.  Go get yourself some.

*I really don't like to take pills but when I am rocking a 103 fever I turn to my little friend, Advil.  As much as I'd love to have a natural alternative, it is the only thing that makes my crunchy ass feel any better when I am burning up.    

Peace, Love and Purell.



Lucky Gem said...

There really is something about Chicken Noodle Soup. I don't remember what it has in it, but it has been proven to help in sickness. I hope everyone feels better soon!

Banana Blossom said...

So sorry you are sick! Hope you get better soon.

Rachel said...

I hope you are all feeling better soon and it definitely sounds like the flu!

When you're feeling better, maybe you could share the recipes for those soups? :)

Ashley said...

I hope you feel better, what sucks more than having sick babies is being sick at the same time .... get well soon!

Donielle said...

What a bummer! My little one just got over a rocking fever too. 103.6 for 3 days!ugh. Can't really tell if it was the flu though since he can't talk yet. We'll see if the rest of us get it. Hope you all get well soon! No fun. :-(

MP said...

Oooo feel better soon. I don't get the shots either!

TriHard said...

hope you are all feeling better. Take care.

Ms. Mamma said...

Hope you're better soon and can at least enjoy a little chocolate! Happy Valentine's!

somebody said...