Sunday, July 20, 2008

Getting a little rediculous now...

Wow, that was an extended break that I never saw coming...

I'm back now with a full functioning computer that will hopefully live up to all my hopes and dreams. I just need to get my groove back. What was it that I used to write about? Yeah right. A whole bunch of nothing, now I remember.

We've been having a ton of fun so far this summer. We've been going to the pool almost daily, I've been able to hang out with my "meant-to-be" friend. Last week she invited me and the fam to a party at her house. They are having a band in the back yard of their house. Goodtimes!

Harper has been a little Miss Chatty Cathy lately. I am astounded with the things she is capable of saying these days. This morning while Mason was in time-out she came up to Pedro and me and informed us that "Mason naunny!" Mason has been very difficult lately. Difficult and naughty! He still makes me laugh daily though. If I am not yelling, or putting the boy in time-out, I am laughing hysterically.

Tell me, could you keep your cool and respond appropriatly if your son informed you that "he wants to have the hugest peepee in the whole town" ?

I didn't think so. And neither did I! I just laughed, until I cried!