Sunday, December 06, 2009

Me and My Guitar

Last Tuesday was my birthday.
I turned 32.
My parents forgot.

It was also supposed to be my first guitar lesson but I cancelled so I could go out for Mexican food and Margaritas with my husband and kids. It was a great day. I resceduled my first lesson for Wednesday. I was excited all day for it. Mike bought me a guitar two anniversaries ago and even though I was eager to learn, I could never come up with the time to do it. I found the time now and I am doing it!

I walked in to meet my instructor and I was both relieved and dissapointed that he wasn't a twenty-something, hot musical genius who smelled a little like patchouli. Instead, he was a very patient 50 something man that knows how to play a guitar. I've been practicing a few minutes each day and I think I like it. I think I like it, a lot. Me and my pretty girl.

She's totally a girl, don't you think?