Sunday, June 19, 2005

Baba Wawa needs to shut the h*ll up!

For those of you non TV junkies, here is a recap. . .
On The View, Barbara Walters got into the discussion of breastfeeding in public, fine.
She said a woman did it in front of her and it made her uncomfortable, still fine, everyone is entitled to their opinions. ( I have no problem whippin' it out in public, but I do almost always use a blanket unless I am with family or close friends.) But once her statement didn't go over well, she went back on the air and said she never said that and it was her flying partner that was uncomfortable! UUUUGGGHHH fortunately I saw both episodes and it really is irritating to me. So I emailed Her. . .
Dear Barbara,
I watch the show daily and have been following the whole breastfeeding controversy. I too am a breastfeeding mother but I am very aware that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. My problem is that I watched the episode where you talked about the breastfeeding mother making YOU feel uncomfortable and also the episode where you called in and said it was the person you were flying with and that it was all a misunderstanding. This is highly irritating to a faithful viewer. If you are going to express your views on sensitive and controversial topics such as this one, you need to be able to back it up and stand by what you said. It is live TV, however many people tape the show daily and are able to replay what was really said. Go ahead, speak your mind, but don't change it once it doesn't go over. You are losing credibility.


Christy J said...

She's an old hag. I was pissed because I don't feel like you have to make other people feel comfortable with breastfeeding. I think it was rude for her to even bring it up on tv.
I guess I feel like.. if she were uncomfortable... fine. But she had to make it a point on tv to draw negativity to the nursing a child in public. THAT pisses me off.

Anonymous said...