Saturday, June 25, 2005

Aaaahhhh Saturday!

Today should have been a day of R and R, but it wasn't. I got a whole lot done! It started with a not so early wake-up call from the boy, 7:30 isn't too bad. But I won't mention the hour he spent awake from 12:30 to 1:30am. Damn Teeth! Anyway we went to the farmers market and got some Organic farm fresh eggs (for you to orgasm over CJ) and peas, the boy loves peas in the pod, and garlic. We got home fed the boy lunch, and put him to bed for a nap. I ran errands during nap time. But TONIGHT was very cool. . .we went to Rib Mountain which is only about 5 miles away and saw a band playing folk music at the top of the mountain. IT was called "music in the clouds" and it was beautiful. We felt guilty for not taking advantage of that beautiful place we live so close to! Anyway now we are home and the boy is asleep, it is mommy and daddy quiet time now! We are off early tomorrow morning to go and pick strawberries hopefully it isn't too hot. It has been hotter that FL temps here lately. Thank God for A/C. Peace Out!