Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Draught.

I have been feeling extremely boring lately. Hence the lack of posts. Maybe it is the calm before the writing storm!! OK blah blah. Maybe I should turn it around and ask what my HUGE audience would like to hear about or questions about ME! Fire away!


Christy J said...

I check your blog EVERYDAY and EVERYDAY I see nothing. :o( It makes me sad! I miss you guys so much and always look forward to hearing what's going on up there. I always want to hear what Mason's up to. You know... the boys ARE the same age!
Hmmmm... questions..
So what is the little guy up to?
What have you guys been doing? We are in a kick ass playgroup down here... so we get out every now and then to do things.
When ARE you going to come visit us? I can't wait to see the boys play together!!! See how one brut terrorizes another brut. Everyone Hayden plays with that is his size is a year older that he is! He doesn't have anyone his age to play with. I feel bad saying this but, the kids his age are generally developmentally behind him and seem so fragile. TOTALLY NOT THE CASE WITH MASON.
How is Mike's job going up there? Justin talks to him and doesn't tell me that much- you know he is bad at getting details for any situation.
Ok... should be enough..


Anonymous said...