Monday, August 15, 2005

10 Reasons For Not Blogging Last Week

10. Entire family contributing to the Puffs Plus corporation with the amount of them used by 3 runny noses.

9. Being sick myself and still having to be the caretaker for my two BOYS is exausting!

8. Baby naptime is Mommy naptime when night sleep is non-existant.

7. Meal preparation for each meal= 2 hours. Trying to find something a sick child will eat is near impossible.

6. Fingers too slippery to type from taking rectal temps of 103 with Vasoline.

5. Lack of sleep for brain to function.

4. Being more awake during the pm, worrying I overdosed my sick and very hot baby by accidentally doubling the drug dosage.

3. Did I mention I was also sick? But I was too busy taking care of everyone else to be sick.

2. Nursing constantly for a toddler's only food source = pure exaustion and soreness.

1. I was changing diarrhea diapers, give me a break!