Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We are family. . .

This is my second post today! Can you handle it? I have had an annoying day that is replaying like a record in my brain, so why not blog about it. . .

So everyone knows someone without a verbal filter. And everyone knows someone who likes to speak about themselves a lot. But when you put them together, it makes for a whole lotta drama! Unfortuantely in my situation this person is a relative, a very close relative, OK it is someone in my immediate family!

This morning my phone rings, it is her. She begins by asking me how my sick family is doing, but I get the feeling when I answer, she doesn't really want to know the answer. Ummm was that a rhetorical question or . . . Then it begins, all the drama, all the time! On and on she goes, but then a break and I think I may be able to get a word in and I start to say something and. . ."My stomach is getting out of control, and because it is the tannest part of my body, I feel like it is really noticable."
Are you kidding me? Was she looking for a bone, cause I am not throwing one. I am sorry, but I'd like to think my life has a little more meaning than that. Moving on. . .

Next we decided that we were going to spend the afternoon at the pool. How did I not see more drama coming? So again we talk about her and her new boyfriend and his body that apparently is a little soft. WHO CARES! But she backs it up with "but that is OK because then I don't feel the pressure to look perfect." Barf bags anyone. . . anyone? Oh but it gets better.
"Don't you feel like that? I mean, Mike has a perfect body, don't you feel like that ever?"
I smiled and shook my head no and I bit my tongue, HARD. at this point I wish I could projectile vomit and hit a target!

The joys of family and you can never get away from it. Maybe this will be out of my thoughts now since I wrote about it. . .until something new happens tomorrow.