Thursday, September 15, 2005

busy, busy, busy!

We have been super busy here lately. Mike and I are in the process of buying another house! It is the house directly next door to us, and has been vacant for 5 years now. It needs some TLC, but overall it is a cute little house. Anyone care to be my neighbor? We had the ispection on Tuesday and there were no surprises so that was reassuring. The inpector also thought we got an amazing deal on the house so that was sweet. Who doesn't want a deal!

Also, we have been working away on our own house. Our third bedroom had this nasty paneling that we tried to make "work" by painting a neutral beige color. . .well we just never got used to it. We tore it down last week and have been working on texturing the virgin walls. That is the messiest job ever. . .don't do it. Pay someone else to do it. I started rolling it on with this special roller and could never manage to get more on the walls than I did on the floor so I came up with my own "technique". I covered my hand with a bag and took handfulls of this thick goo and smeared it on in circles like I was waxing a car. It has gone way quicker. The test is to see how it looks once we put the paint on.

And finally, yours truely is getting a job outside the home. I'll be teaching an after-school grant funded program in the area schools. I am feeling ready to be out for small amounts of time. I'll be teaching twice a week from 3 to 5. A total of four whopping hours . Don't Laugh! I said it small amounts! I can't disappoint my little man, he still needs me (my boobs!). What can I say, baby steps!