Friday, September 30, 2005

Yup, I definately absolutely positively am a MOM!

There have been a few instances over the past 21 months that have confirmed, I mean really confirmed that I AM REALLY A MOM!

10. I have licked my hand and smoothed my sons crazy hair.

9. I have gotten poop on my hand (many times) and didn't bat an eye.

8. I have knowingly drank from a water bottle shared with my son that had visible backwash "floaters".

7. I have used the sleeve of my favorite shirt to wipe a dirty face.

6. I pick someones nose other than my own.

5. I have taken sympathy bites of an unknown pre-moistened food to encourage sharing ( and acted like I loved it!)

4. I can always find a raisin or cheerio or goldfish on the bottom of my purse.

3. I have licked off a "who knows how old" fruit snack stuck on my sons hand before going into a store.

2. My almost 2 year-old son is dressed better than me.

1. I'd do all of it again, because I love him that much!