Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I'm Stuck Post

Part I

A few nights ago I was woken up at 1:30am to a Mason cry. Don't get me wrong, it is still almost a nightly ritual for him to get up at least once, but this night it was different. This time, it was an "I am scared/ or hurt /or need help cry." I bolted up the stairs or as fast as my legs move at that hour and into his room. Mason was standing up holding onto the side of his crib crying, "th-tuck, th-tuck, th-tuck."The boy was wrapped up in his blanket like a burrito and couldn't move. he was indeed stuck. I couldn't help but laugh after of couse getting him un-raveled. Poor kid is probably having mummy dreams and it isn't even Halloween yet!

Part II
I go in spurts with reading. There was a period pre- Mason was born that I read sometimes 3 books a week. Now post-Mason I am luck to read 6 books a year. I happend to be watching Oprah last week (which I never do anymore because she drives me crazy) and it was her book club show. The book is called A Million Little Pieces. It is non-fiction about addiction, drug and alcohol. It is raw. It is violent. It is absolutely captivating! It hits close to home for me since my family is plagued with addiction and I haven't been able to put it down. Except of course when Mason starts to rip the pages. I have 15 more pages and I promise to be un-stuck!


Christy J said...

I ordered a new book on how to make your a-hole 2 year old listen without beating the crap out of them. I've only gotten through about 5 pages of it. I was hoping to learn something that I coupld pass along to Justin... to maybe see things more my way. I just have to read the damn thing. Do you knwo how hard it is to read with Hayden and a newborn? Very freakin tough..

Anonymous said...