Thursday, October 27, 2005

Monster Mash . . .this is not about Halloween either!

I just got back from lunch with my friend Jill, her kids, her mom and lil sister. So the demographics where something like this: 3 adults, 3 children, and one MONSTER! Yes, today Mason takes the title of Monster Child. HE. WAS. AWFUL!! (notice double exclamation points!) We got there and the first thing he did was climb under the table and proceed to eat any morsels of food he found. quick note: he did this at the same time I was using a Clorox wipe to disinfect his highchair! Have I ever mentioned how I feel about Karma? Then once the kid had an actual plate of food in front of him, he liked my friends mom's plate way more! He decided he was done eating about 45 seconds later and crawled out of his highchair. I caught him and he showed me who was boss by smearing both arms of my black shirt with refried beans. I finally decided it was hopeless and took him out of the highchair. He took off like a worldclass sprinter through the restaurant. When I captured him, he proceeded to arch the back, scream like I was ripping off his toenails, and kick his legs like a mother! I was sweating by this point and contemplated putting him in the car in his carseat so I could eat! I had flashes of legal cases in my head and tried to recall at what point it is not neglect to leave a child unattended in a parked car. Anyone know about this law? I may need to know really soon. I am exausted and pissed. Thank God the kid still takes naps! I am off to go call my friend to apoligize for ruining her lunch!


Christy J said...

OMG! Does he do better at home? Hayden does better in public than he does at home. When I'm home all day (like today) I go crazy. He REFUSED to take a nap today. Yesterday he tumped the bassinet over on top of him. I had JUST taken Finely out of it.

I'd love suggestions on napping during the day.

AnnieM said...

Ummm...No! he doesn't do better at home. I can just ignore him at home when he acts out. Yikes, I have no suggestions for napping, thankfully Mason loves to nap. He says "Nigh, nigh", I give him the boob and he passes out in about 5 minutes. I LOVE that part of the day!

Christy J said...

I wonder if I could drink some wine and throw him a boob or something. I desperate.

jillymom27 said...

Your friend says her lunch was definitely not ruined. She thinks you look awesome covered in refried beans and can recall a time not so long ago when she was in the same boat. Only she couldn't hold off on having a second one!! They get a little older and way more independent and leave you wishing they depended on you more again. Cherish the bad moments even when the parked car seems like the only option! You're an awesome mom and I love you AnnieM!

Your lame friend who FINALLY took time to look at your blog spot!

Pedro said...

She does an awesome job, Mason couldn't ask for a better mom... really. He is the biggest challenge for me sometimes, and Annie makes handling him look easy!

Anonymous said...