Friday, October 06, 2006

The Ass Kicking X2

Having two kids is lots of work both Physically and Emotionally. First of all, it is a juggling act trying to help one while the other is crying without freaking out. Next, there is the constant nagging in the back of your mind wondering if you are giving the other enough attention. I can't imagine what it'd be like if I had a "hard" baby, because shhh(while crossing fingers)...this baby is a pretty easy baby. She sleeps really well, up only once a night to nurse. She was an awful nurser at the beginning, but after a week is totally getting the hang of it. And now she eats like a little piggy, filling herself up until she literally bubbles over. And the chub, it is filling out those soft cheeks by the day. I love watching that happen, all because of my milk.

Yesterday, I decided to venture out to a La Leche League Meeting close to my house. I started to get all of us ready 2 hours early and still was 15 minutes late. It was in a small room with lots of boy around 3yrs. None of them still being nursed except my little guy. They were just there because they were siblings to others. Anyway, There was this little boy, Joey who you could just tell was a brat. He spent the meeting going around to all the other kids taking away whatever they were playing with. Fine. Whatever, kids will be kids. Then, I noticed him carrying another boy who was 15 months around by HIS HEAD! I couldn't resist and alerted his clueless Mom. Thank God the boy he was manhandling was his brother. She blew it off by saying,"He likes to bring his brother to me." Ah, yeah and stretching his neck out a few extra inches. Don't get me wrong, Mason has done a few things to Harper already, and I am sure there will be many more, but by the time the "baby" is 15 months shouldn't some of the aggression die out? Maybe I am just clueless.
So on with the meeting. Everything was fine until I see this Joey-brat smacking Mason, my Mason, in the face over and over. I was pinned behind the table with Harper so I couldn't get there in time. Finally another woman took this kid away from Mason, not even the boys mom. She was pulling this boy away and Mason finally went and hit him on the top of the head. The Mama Bear in me was raging! I refrained from telling my son to go hit this bratty boy again, but I wanted too. Mason came over to me for comfort with huge tears welled in his eyes and looked like he had been in a street brawl. He had red marks all over his face and under his eye looked like it was going to be black. The LLL leader looked at him and said "Oh my Gosh!" Don't get me wrong, Mason does his fair share of hitting and pushing, but never has smacked someone in the face. It was like this kid was out for blood, it was just weird. The mom never did a thing or said anything to me. My poor boy got his ass whooped.

**Now Sunday, my poor little boy has a cold from those other nasty boys that come to LLL always sick...people! I think this time I may have learned my lesson. 8 out of 10 times he gets sick with something when we go there. It is too much to handle for me right now.

** I wrote this post on Friday but didn't post it.


jillymom27 said...

You gotta love those "clueless" people out there!!!! They seem to get worse even as their children get older! I feel your pain and I have a feeling this pain will last for many more years.

jillymom27 said...
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Christy J said...

Hayden would have laid the kid out! Actually, this kid in his class tried that shit and Hayden tried to strangle him. And then when Justin and I talked to him about it he told us that the boy it him first. Then my lovely husband told him that it was ok to hit back as long as you go tell the teacher. Nice, huh?

amygeekgrl said...

gah! that's awful that parents will let their kids run around doing things like that while they ignore them. poor lil mason.
btw, i recently wrote about my anxiety about having two kids now that it's getting closer to my due date. i'm glad things are going pretty smoothly for you - all things considered - and that harper is an easy baby. :)
i'm curious how tandem nursing is going for you. does mason want to nurse a lot now that harper is here? i've been wondering how in the world i'm going to manage that and keep my sanity. ;)

Silly Hily said...

Seriously, that MOTHER is the one that needs an ass whooping! I would have coem unglued. I'm proud of you for holding it together. I mean, this woman totally doesn't care that her kids beats up other kids OR that her kids carries his brother by the damn head. Look, I'm mad just talking about it. I would have been so embarassed. I can't believe she wasn't. And I can't believe she didn't apologize to you or make her boy apologize to Mason. Bitch!

somebody said...