Monday, October 16, 2006

You want to hear more about my boobs?...with pleasure.

Really, some people have wondered what is happening with my heavily lactating boobage, so here goes!

Harper started out as a horrible nurser. Really. Bad. The things I had to do to get her "on" were pretty extreme and made my LLL leader sort of cringe. I actually had to stretch my nipple out with my fingers then point it up toward the roof of her mouth to pick sure it would hit the spot that would make her suck. Sometimes the whole process would last over an hour until she got a good latch. The whole thing was just not very smooth. (Waves goodbye to all the non-nursers who are now bored to death!)
I needed constant reminders that she was a newborn baby, not a 2 and a half year old "professional". She has gotten better, way better. Thank God!

Mason on the other hand is finally starting to get used to seeing my naked boob and not demanding milk every time. I've stuck to my (mean) guns and still only let him nurse at naptime. That is what we were down to while I was pregnant, so I saw no reason for him to regress. Plus, my sanity! Need I say more? Nursing him once a day has been going just fine, for me. I don't at all mind it. There are many days that I feel I have done nothing but yell and tell him what he is doing wrong, (which is a whole lot)so I feel like the 5 minutes we spend nursing in a quiet room just with each other is absolutely needed by both of us. He still askes for it throughout the day when Harper is nursing, but I just can't go back to nursing both, All. The. Time.

I was quickly brought back to Porn Star boob status day 3 post-partum and I had forgot about the pain. My god the pain! I whined to my clearly boobless husband about them to which he replied, "They look nice!"
Why yes they do, but they feel like bowling balls. Thank God for Mason. I broke my rule twice that day.


Rachel said...

Ha ha ha, funny. Breastfeeding is so hard and someone who's never tried (like a man) has no idea. I tried with both my girls, but, alas, you cannot breastfeed when only about, oh, 1/16 of an ounce is all that comes out. Congrats on being able to nurse and glad to hear Harper has figured it out.

Pedro said...

Hooray for porn star boobies!

AnnieM said...

Too bad I won't let you near 'em huh?

Silly Hily said...

HA! I remember waking up one morning and realized I had engorged over night. I pulled my shirt out, looked down and was all HOLY SHIT LOOK at these things. Hubby's eyes got as big as my boobs to which I quickly yelled, "You touch, you die."
I met a girl this weekend at my workshop that nursed her daughter for 2.5 years and thought of you. :-)

Christy J said...

You are halarious. I had several days of "Those things look like they hurt!" So I hear ya girl!!!

amygeekgrl said...

glad to hear that harper is doing better with it now and you no longer have to perform nipple acrobatics. ;)

i'm also glad that mason is doing ok w/ just the one nursing session a day. i still haven't decided how i'm going to handle it with ava when baby boy arrives. i'm sure she will want it all the time and i don't feel ready to go back to that with her AND a newborn. thanks for reminding me i can "just say no." ;)

amygeekgrl said...
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BlueGoddess said...

I feel for you sister. I know how bad they can hurt. And I nursed my son till right before his 3rd birthday a couple of months ago.

It was just too painful to continue. But now he asks for it all the time. And I hate saying no, but if I let him nurse for only a minute it starts to hurt again. It is just too uncomfortable when he is such a big boy. Plus he is big for his age. He is the size of a 4 year old.
And then there is potty training. Motherhood is a lot of work. I am proud you are doing it with 2 kids now.

Ms. Mamma said...

Hey Madame Milk, thanks for the awesomely cute photo of the little spriteling. She's so beautiful.

somebody said...