Monday, October 02, 2006

My Short and Sweet Birth Story

Preface: Mike just jotted down notes whenever he could. Once the contractions got really bad, he couldn't anymore because I am bossy that way. The ironic thing is that the night before all this went down, I was still unsure I was going to go thru with the whole induction. Although I am not religious I wanted some sort of sign that I was making the right decision and not forcing something that was not ready to happen. I am now certain that I made the right decision. Oh, and the smiles, they are all fake except for the last one. I was hurting like a mofo and Mike kept taking my picture. Enjoy!

·Got to the hospital late for a 7:00am appt, checked in around 7:30am.
Ended up with a nurse that has been friends with Jeanne (Ann’s Mom) for years
Harper 010

·8:30am Lynn(midwife) came in and gave Annie her dos of Cytotec – the drug that will induce labor Lynn is expecting labor to begin in the next 1/2hr-4hrs

·Annie feels good, and is calling home right now to talk to Jeanne and Mason. Mason was upset when we left the house at 7:15 but quickly got over it. He had a huge smile as he waved out the bay window to us as Jeanne held him.

·I’m pretty nervous, I felt much more confidant prior to deciding to induce and not knowing when the baby would be born. Being able to plan the birth builds much more anticipation

·Annie 8:40am Nervous (extremely) – how long the labor will take is foremost on her mind

·9:10am – Lynn came back in to check on Ann – not much movement. Ann is having some small contractions but nothing significant. Her blood pressure is higher than it usually is, they don’t seem too concerned. 148/102 blood pressure

·9:42am – Sandy (nurse) stopped in to check on Ann and have her finish some paperwork.

·9:54am – Sandy came back in to draw blood – blood pressure related

·10:13am dilated to 3cm – Cytotec didn’t dissolve and was removed. Ann asked to have her water broken instead of another pill. I walked out of the room following the midwife and nurse – both of which felt Ann would be done by 2pm (they didn’t realize I was behind them. Lynn is booked with apts right up until 2pm.

·10:45am photos of Ann and I taken (by self)
Harper 011

·11:12am – Ann is having some stronger contractions, realized that walking around and swaying her hips feels better than laying down

·I’m starting to feel better, Ann is much more in control with this baby than she was with the last. I think almost all of my concern is for her, I don’t want her to have a long and painful delivery. It’s hard to concentrate on anything right now, Ann is watching TV but I’m too restless to sit.

·11:45am – Photos of Ann on the birthing ball – no exam in the last hour to determine dilation
Harper 016

·12:16pm – Contractions getting very strong, and happening every 2-4 minutes,Ann still positive and looking forward to being done.

·12:37pm – Another visit from Lynn and Sandy – lunch came and Annie’s contractions are very close and painful

·1:15pm Annie called the nurse and gets in the shower after being checked she is at 5cm

·2:12pm out of the shower

·2:18pm Lynn checks Ann who is at 8cm, she touches something that immediately makes Ann have to start pushing.

·2:34pm Baby Harper Born totally drug free after 16 minutes of pushing!
Harper 017Harper 024
Harper Ann
9/21/06 2:34pm
7lbs. 10oz.
20 inches


amygeekgrl said...

wow, that was short but VERY sweet. :) i'm so glad that everything went well and you had such a quick labor. sounds just about perfect. :) and what a perfect little addition to your family. hope things are going well.

tri_hard said...

thanks for sharing. was fun to read how the day went. congrats again to you and Mike. You all look great! Hope things are going well so far with Harper.

BlueGoddess said...

wow that was amazing. I am glad that this birth was much easier on all of you. She is a beautiful little girl. And I only wish I would have looked that good with fake smiles or not during my labor and delivery.

Christy J said...

Awww!!! I love birth stories!!!! I'm such a softie!!!! Great job documenting!!! A++ in Blogging 101! LMAO!!!

Talk to you soon!

lizziep901 said...

That is awesome.
You rock for no drugs.
Congrats sweetie!!
How's Mason?

Ms. Mamma said...

You don't look fake to me sister. In fact, you have to be one of the most gorgeous laboring lasses I've ever seen! congrats!

Silly Hily said...

Thanks for jotting things down Mike.
Ann, you do have to be one of the most kick ass looking chicks I've ever seen while in labor. Really, you look fabulous in all of those pics. But yes, esp. the last one. You are glowing.
Congrats again.

Pedro said...

Pictures don't do the experience justice, Annie was amazing! The log was a very factual translation of the events will be good to look back on! I'm still filling in the holes in the story.

Mama C-ta said...

I'm the worst, most horrible blogging friend ever. I AM JUST NOW FINDING OUT YOU HAD THE BABY!!

Congrats, congrats, congrats! I love the name and she is beautiful! And no epidural w/an induced labor? My hero.

shoeaddict said...

I cried

somebody said...