Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Confessional

I hardly ever post anymore, right? Wanna know why? I've been busy throwing out all the skeletons in my closet at True Mom Confessions. Be warned, highly addictive stuff. If I am not posting my dirty laundry, I am clicking on every other one saying, "me too!" Only 65 or so are mine, now try to figure out which...I'll never tell.

I saved a few confessions for here too.

First, I got a new car two weeks ago. Why didn't I tell you all like two weeks ago? I feel like I am always talking about getting new cars, but let me just throw my husband in front of the bus and tell you, It is all him! I did get a new car just a year ago and to make a long story short, it was a lemon. My new car is this one...isn't she pretty? I don't get that into my cars but I do think she's pretty sweet.

What was I talking about now? Confessions, right. The part I love most about this new car, it has Sirius radio. I am already addicted. My favorite channel from 4-6 pm the Martha Stewart channel. It is the Whatever show with Alexis Stewart and Jennifer. It is freaking hilarious. Alexis Stewart is so inappropriate I love her. Then there is the coffee house channel, which I love. It makes me almost feel like I am chillin' at Starbucks when in reality I am changing the 5th poopie diaper of the day. What a deal, right. Now if only I could figure out which channel makes me feel like I am hanging out on the beach smelling suntan lotion...

I lost 20. Woot Woo!


Hil said...

Wait, your SAAB was a lemon? That makes me so sad. But I do love your new car. She IS pretty.
20 lbs? Dude!!!!!!!! That's freakin' awesome. You need to be shouting that from the roof tops! Congratulations.

AnnieM said...

No, we still have the Saab(s). Yes, Pedro has 2 Saabs. He "claims" he is selling one. I should get a picture of the two. They look identical one is navy and the other black. The white Pacifica was mine and she sucked.

That Chick Over There said...

I love those True Wife Confessions.

Also True Mom confessions.

I'm all about the confessing.

Christy J said...

OMG. 20lbs?? CONGRATS!!!! That is awesome!!!!!!

Justin is itching for a 3rd car. He wants a play Jeep. IT is SOOOO not happening anytime soon though!

Adventures In Babywearing said...

I love your new car! We were shopping around for that and the other Mazda one.. the '5'? maybe? We got the Kia Rondo instead... anyway! I wanted to stop by and tell you I’ve got another photo tag going on, and this time two participants will win a prize package! Get real- Bloggers Without Makeup!

Adventures In Babywearing

Anonymous said...