Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Single Mom Exaustion!

I am pooped! So we have been crazy lately with the holidays and all. We bounced from Pedro's family's cottage to mine and then off to the airport we went to see Pedro off to Cali. Gulp, 5 days just me and the tornado! The bonus of it all was that Pedro took a friendly bump that delayed him a whoppin' 40 minutes and got a free round trip ticket out of it. Sweet!! Now maybe we can take a mini vacation! Dreams sometimes come true right? Until then I am at home slaving away in the hot kitchen! Casserole yesterday, banana bread today, pot brownies tomorrow. Just kidding, those days are long gone. I have the boy now, and by the end of the day if I can lift a glass of wine to my lips without passing out, it's a good day!
I have to say he's been really good so far. I think the trick is to keep busy and not stay kooped inside. Tomorrow we are going up to my families cottage wih my Mom so she can help a bit with the boy. The problem is, he sleeps terrible everywhere but home. It is suppose to be beautiful outside so my plans are to swim him until he's exausted and then swim him a little more until he passes out. So I am out until Saturday and hopefully I'll get back to my faithful blogging. I know I'd be better if some of my girls would comment once in a while so I don't feel like I am writing to a damn computer that can't respond!! Anyway I am going to go rest my butt on the couch and relax a bit!

Pedro~ hurry home, my loins are aching already!! (wink,wink)


Christy J said...

I couldn't imagine being ALONE with the man for 5 days. I would be CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the round trip ticket can be to JAX? **HINT HINT** BAHAAA!!

The pool idea totally works!!! Swim the crap out of them and eventualy they will fall asleep.

A family cottage? How cute does that sound? And the casserole? DETAILS PLEASE! Hayden is begining to not want to eat anything green.. so I'm going to start making him casseroley type stuff. I just need to mix it all together and he wont know the difference. It worked last week. I made him mac and soy cheese and mixed chicken in it. I need to chop broccoli up and toss it in too.

And for the record.... I COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!
(when you write!!)

Anonymous said...