Tuesday, May 31, 2005

How my Garden grows. . .

It has been a very busy past week! After completing our marathon road trip to Indiana which was relatively painless, We had a whole nother week to gear up for! Last Wednesday I had a pedicure/spa party with a few girlfriends. It was a nice girls night for me minus baby. "Pedro" took the Tornado out for a boys night of Buffalo wings and chocolate milkshakes, nice huh? I can't complain though. It was a nice 3 hour break.
The weekend was a whirl wind too! On Saturday we planted our second annual garden! We love to be able to eat things that we have grown. We keep it as natural as possible! Last year we didn't use any fertilizers or pesticides, but it wasn't Organic because the seeds weren't organic . This year we are doing the same. I've even found some organic fertilizer made by a big company but just have to figure out were to buy it! This year our big focus is our heirloom tomatoes. (if you watch Barefoot Contessa you know what they are) So enough boring info about my garden. . . I've also been really constipated lately! Ha ha just wanted to make sure to captivate my audience!
It is a beautiful day here today and the boy is down for is nap, I have all my things done for the day so I am going to lay out and take a breath or two!


Christy J said...

A garden... I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! I had watermelons growing... but I left them in the sun and forgot to water them and they died. Well... they are ALMOST dead. Now Justin has to help me save them. I had organic seeds though.. Justin made sure of that.
His granddaddy uses dawn dishsoap to keep bugs off. I guess he puts it in a spray bottle with some water and just sprays it on. It is MUCH better than eating chemicals!

Anonymous said...