Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Drama Momma

Do you ever have days that make you want to run away? I don't mean to go buy a new pair of shoes or go to a spa, I mean run FAR away!! We'll it is one of those days. I seem to have these feelings around the same time each month. . .coincidence, hmmmmm? I wish I had the balls and bling to buy my own island in the virgin islands and no one could come or call me without a private invitation from yours truly. I would take my husband and my boy and live happily ever after without the drama of people and problems you cannot get away from. I would wear a coconut bra (made from a huge coconut), and the men on my island would wear a banana leaf. I 'd really become one with nature. I'd start my own island fashion. Crunchie Island Glam! Sign me up.
The old cliche' The Grass is Always Greener , shines so true to me but does it ever stop? When do you really feel like what you are doing and where you are is what is right for you. It seems like a big vicious circle that I want to stop. Can't life just be a triangle instead of a circle?
Well I am of to start cleaning, my MIL is coming for the afternoon tomorrow. . . it never stops.


Christy J said...

OK.... Momma Drama? Do tell, do tell!!!

I can pass Momma Drama stories all day long! But I HAVE to hear about the crazy shit that goes on up in BFE, WI.

Tell me tell me tell me!!!! Please!! Please!! Please!!

Christy J said...

I'm still waiting to here about this Momma Drama!!!

AnnieM said...

uuugghhh. . . It would take weeks and I'd offend way too many people.

Anonymous said...