Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Baby is now a Boy!

It has been and exciting day for us! Mason-my baby got his first hair trim. No, not a cut a hair trim. I immediately told my hairstylist that she could not call it a haircut or she would not only have to deal with a unruly boy, but also a sobbing mom. I am not sure why this was so hard for me. A few times during the 5 minutes it took her I felt drips of nervous sweat falling from my armpits. But, I did it and survived without a tear shed. He looks very cute. I would not let her give him the traditional "boy" cut, because my boy is just not. . .traditional. So now that some of the 6 inch pieces are caught up to the 2 inch pieces, I think I'll be growing it out!
In other news. . .Tonight before his bath, like everynight, Mason sat on his potty. However instead of his typical high-pressure fart, the boy went pee in the potty. We cheered, we clapped, and even saved it for Dada( who went through the same celebration again). What a bittersweet day. Call me lame again, but it is as hard to watch your baby grow into a little person as it is beautiful.


Ms. Mamma said...

That is so beautiful! I am so glad I checked your blog before I signed off. I needed something sweet and pure. Dare I say I felt a lil' tear well in my eye?! Give that big boy a pat on the back from his pal Snowflake!

Christy J said...

awww!!! I;'ll have to send you pics of Hayden's new haircut. It is sooooo freakin cute!!

I want to see Masons hair! Post a pic..

Mama C-ta said...

Not lame at all, I know all too well what you mean and we haven't even hit any of the "big" things!

somebody said...