Saturday, November 26, 2005

A Spark of Holiday Spirit

I know a few of us bloggers have written about random people that give random comments, that tend to offend us in some way. When I say random, I mean just that, someone we have never seen or talked to in our lives. Since it seems to be so easy for me to point out the negative, I just have to tell you what I saw today.

My mom and I weren't brave enough to fight the crowds yesterday, but some how we were today. That 24 hours didn't make it a whole lot better! So, we were at TJMaxx and it was packed. It was crowded and loud and, ugh, just chaotic. But amongst all the clatter of the shoppers you could hear a little girl, screaming, really screaming, an all out meltdown. She wanted something and her mom apparently said no which sent the girl into a fit of rage. The Mom of this little girl stayed very calm and stuck to her guns, not willing to give in. She ignored the fit, tried to distract the little girl, but nothing worked. After about 5 minutes you could see the mom becoming defeated. Her cheeks where red as tomatoes and her neck and chest where a blotchy reddish/purplish color from embarrassment. Everyone was looking at this point. Some rolling their eyes wondering why she wasn't "taking care" of the situation, others trying to help graciously. But there was this one woman, probably in her 70's that walked by the mom and quietly said, "It is OK, we've all been there. Just relax." It seemed like the sweetest, most perfect thing to say to the desperate mom. I am not sure what the mom ended up doing after that, I was so taken back by the older woman. I guess it just hit really close to home. It is nice to know that there are people out there that realize how difficult it can be to raise a "spirited" child. I have to admit also that I was extremely happy to have left my spirited child at home with his spirited dad.


Ms. Mamma said...

Right on! The other day I had Snowflake out and it was crowded...he was tired and just bawlbabyish, you would not believe the dirty looks I got as I tried to soothe his tears while leaving the store. There are a plethora of beotches out there. Bless that sweet, dear soul.

Christy J said...

I hate when I get the stares in public. I've been known to be a smart ass to THOSE people. I especially hate getting those looks in public. I had to get up and leave a restaurant the other day because I stuck to my guns and wouldn't give Hayden ice cream. I told him if he would eat A BITE of hamburger her could have it. A BITE. Not the whole thing, A BITE. He screamed "NO! ICE CREAM!" Screw that. Not only did he not get ice cream, I ate mine in front of him. THAT was why I had to leave. He lost it. He has been eating ever since though. I've been trying to get the 'when mommy says something she means it' point across. I'll let ya know how that works out.

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