Friday, November 18, 2005

I try to do the right thing. . . Really!

**For word: I am sorry if this may offend, but this is MY outlet and a girl needs to vent before she blows!

Two days ago, I get a call from my husband who was at work. He was calling because his older brother had called and asked him when we were planning on celebrating Mason's 2nd Birthday. Yes, I know, we needed to get on top of it anyway being it was a little over a month away. . .but who does that. I would never call someone and ask when they planned on having a party, what if they didn't plan on inviting me! Well of course we would have invited him, I just didn't think it was very appropriate. So. . .We decided that we'd have a get together on Mason's actual Birthday since it was a Saturday. What better day for a party than a Saturday, right? Well that is what we thought. We've been brainstorming about what we plan on doing and talked a little about it this morning when my over-polite husband says,
"Oh, by the way. . .we are suppose to switch the date for Mason's party because my Dad's christmas party is that day."
All I could say is,
"Are you serious? Well then just let me know when it works for everyone to have the party and we'll have it then."
Is that right? Should I really have to do that? I mean, there is a point to 'keeping the peace' but really this is ridiculous to me.
At this point, I am really going to wait and let my in-laws decide what date is most convenient for them, and we'll have the party for my son then. Gaaahhh!

Sometimes I question whether I am going crazy by letting these things bother me. . .how would you feel?


Christy J said...

I say fuck em. His birthday is his BIRTHDAY! Have the party when you want to and if they don't come them... well, fuck em.

Christy J said...

You can see why my in-laws just love me right? BAHAHAHHA!!!

Ms. Mamma said...

Maybe it's time you have an adult showdown with BIG MAMA & Co... I think you might feel better, and if you do it in a very polite way, what's the harm?
The three of you are a new family now. You're the mamma. Your traditions begin NOW.

Christy J said...

I hear ya, and agree!

Pedro said...

and people wonder why I walk around looking like I'm gonna kill someone this time of year...Its hard goddamn work keeping your mouth shut during times like these.

somebody said...