Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Busy performing exorcism.

My son has been a nightmare. If it isn't pinching it's throwing toys. If it isn't pulling the dog around by his poor weiner, it is kicking him. I am scared for my unborn childs life!
This weekend a few friends, Mason and I went to a "crunch" festival. Honestly, the hippies put me to shame. They were completely oblivious to the dirt under their nails and the smell they were emitting from their pits. I wasn't. Total wannabee I guess, or maybe not. I had to go to my "happy place" to eat the food they had prepared me with those hands.
The highlight of the trip was the blueberry picking. Since Mason loves all things fruit I thought he'd love an all-you-care-to-eat buffet of blueberries. He did, but then got bored. He wandered over to two little girls probably 3 and 4 who were watching their little brother, probably 4 months, who was strapped into a bouncy seat while their Mom picked berries. I watched Mason out of the corner of my eye and finally decided I didn't trust him around the baby. As I walked over to get my son who had a twinkle of the devil in his eye, he reached down to the bottom of the bouncy seat and flipped it over. Yep, with the baby it. I was so angry and embarrassed it took every bit of patience I own to not beat my son. I am sure I made I small scene when I got in his face and screamed, "What are you doing!" at the top of my lungs. But atleast it didn't get CPS called on my ass. I waited for the mother hen to come over then and ream me, but it never happened. She is a way better person than I.
That night I couldn't do it anymore. Mason does things everyday that make me angry, but this had topped the cake. I had flashes of having a new baby girl and my son hurting her with no remorse. It was awful and I couldn't get it out of my head. When I got home, nearly in tears, I had Pedro take over, for the rest of the night. By the next morning I was better, but still I haven't gotten the fear out of me about this new baby and how she'll be treated by her brother.


Silly Hily said...

Oh my gosh! Bless your heart. Think about this, have you ever heard of a toddler doing true harm to a baby? Like really hurting them? I haven't. Little things might happen but everything will be okay. I made Silly Girl a part of Silly Boy. I let her help me. She would grab me a diaper when I needed one, throw the used bottles in the sink for me, etc. etc. She has nothing but love for her little brother. I'm sure Mason will be the same way. He'll be fine.

searching said...

This sounds all too familiar! But something else will happen over time; they will become fabulous playmates and it will be worth all of the gentle reminders you will have to give him. Even if takes months & months . . .

You are a great mom, Ann. Seeing your son's silly grin is proof of that!

p.s. – Fun to see the reunion pics. Everyone looks great!


Christy J said...

I'm sorry.. and I know we are in crunchy company.. but THAT is why my son gets beat. I totally get the 'teaching not to hit with hitting' but you have to get the point across. That is the only thing Hayden responds to. I can yell until I'm blue in the face, which doesn't take very long, but he wont listen.

Every child is different and maybe Mason will totally get not to be rough around her. Hayden was great when Finley was little. It is now that she is 10 months and fights back that I have a problem. He tries to wrestler her now. And she thinks it is halarious until she gets hurt.

Anonymous said...