Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Flip this house. Flip-off the realtor.

Do you remember waaaay back when I talked about us buying a house? A second house that we wanted to flip? Yes? No? OK I'll recap. We bought this house that was vacant for around five years. It was this tiny little house that happened to be next door to us and was offered to us at a crazy low price. Like the price of a new car. I am not even kidding. So we took on the project and worked our hiney's off. OK, fine. Pedro worked his hiney off, I was big and pregnant. I picked the paint colors and painted them. They are fantastic colors too...

Anyway. We listed the house as the real estate market plummeted right into the sewer. Two months ago we agreed to let our over-baring neighbor re-list it. He is a creepy dude. Pedros reasoning...If he is that ambitious, maybe he can sell it? The man is an asshole. He is thinking about his own bank statement, not ours. Yesterday he came over all huffy. I was driving in.

"I bet you are looking for Pedro?"


"He had to go to Chicago for the week."

"He told me he'd meet with me today!"

"Sorry. I think we are going to decline the offer."

"Just decline and let the buyer walk away? I think you are making a huge mistake."

"Sorry. We just worked on this house too long and too hard to not even brake even."

"Why then am I wasting my money marketing it if you aren't willing to budge."

"The house is paid for and we really need to look out for ourselves and not lose money." (since you obviously aren't concerned about our best interest ASSHOLE!)

"Well I need to eat too." (WTF. Did he really just say that? I am done.)

"I'll have Pedro call you...(dickface)"

"OK have a goodnight." (I think he realized he just made an ass of himself.)

"Yup." (Trying to not jump out of the car and kick him square in the nuts.)

So tell me. When did it become OK for the realtor you hire to treat you like garbage? Isn't he supposed to be concerned with my best interest?

So now we are taking it off the market and hoping to rent it for a year or two. Who wants to be my neighbor. I bake things like cupcakes and cookies and take them to my neighbors...Now? Alright, fine. At least take a look at it. Click on the picture for the entire set.

flip this house

She's cute isn't she? She is causing me all kinds of grief;I think I'm ready to name her. We may be together for a loong time. Betsy? Does she look like a Betsy to you?


shoeaddict said...

I LOVE it. L.O.V.E.

tri_hard said...

you and pedro did a great job fixing it up. very cute.

AnnieM said...

Laura! Are you looking to come back to Wausau? I know of a very cute little house for you. Great neighbors too!

Lizarita said...

She is ADORABLE and I would SO rent her from you. But she looks like a Mildred or an Ethel to me. OHHH! Or a Maxine.

Ms. Mamma said...

It's so cute...I think you should call her "Button".

Rachel said...

How cute!! You guys did a great job! I would totally rent that house.

MP said...

Darling! Very very nice. It will make someone a great starter home. You may even be able to offer one of those rent to won deals!

Asswhole...let Pedro kick his ass.

Mommyca said...

oh the nerve of that man!
that house, is very cute! honestly it looks like it should be in a calender or something like that:o) Great job!

Pgoodness said...

It IS adorable, and yes, I think Betsy is the perfect name. I'll send my boys and all their toys if you'll just bring them cupcakes and keep an eye on them... :-)

Pedro said...

There was an Agnes last living in it.

C said...

OMG! What a CUTE house! I LOVE it! I love, love, love it!

And no, it isn't okay for a real estate agent to treat people that way! I cannot believe he said that to you! What a total JERK!

PS. I never told you this, but when I first started reading your blog over a year ago, I thought your hubby's actual name was Pedro. I had thought you were married to some hot Latino lover! Then I saw your pics of the hubster and kiddos. What a beautiful family! I was always too lazy to backtrack on old posts to find out why his name is Pedro :)

Anyway, weekend's here...enjoy and don't think too much of that sleazy real estate agent. For some reason, I get the image of Ron Jeremy huffing and puffing and being all slimy! Ewww. Icky.

AnnieM said...

Thanks you guys! I am really feeling "Button" because she really is that cute.

Chrissy- I really love you. You are not far off with the Ron Jeremy image. Check him out.

Also, there isn't really a story behond "Pedro". The only thing I can come up with... my next post

AnnieM said...

PS. His wife left him 2 weeks ago. I should feel sorry for him but HELL! I leave the jerk too!

Pedro said...

This realtor is the used car salesman of the year...minus the plaid smoking jacket.

His wife confronted me on the street last night while walking the neighborhood with Mason, to tell me that "Roz" (his clever nickname, short for his last name) wouldn't be working with us anymore. We would instead be working directly with her (a.k.a 11th Avenue fluzie). Exciting!

Silly Hily said...

Damn, that's some crazy drama with the real estate agent and his wife. Not to defend the asshole and not that he's hurting to put food on the table but he's probably really hurting with the market like it is. And then his wife left him? Sorry, I know he's an ass but I have a soft spot for people down on their luck. I do agree that he should have never said that to you. And if he would be patient he would realize that the more money you make, the more money he makes...or would have made.
As for Button? She's a-freakin-dorable. You did a fabulous job on the paint colors, too.

Silly Hily said...

Wait, is that really his name? Well, no wonder he's a bitter man. How mean of his parents. It would be like Mr. and Mrs. Jacobsen naming their kid Jacob.

That Chick Over There said...

Real estate guy= Wad

The house is very cute!

C said...

Oh! Icky poo!!! I just checked out the link you posted and I got goosebumps! Ewwww...There is just something odd and gross about that realtor! I mean, I got yucky vibes. You know, when you get the "No" feeling? LOL!

PS. LOVE the Pedro story! You guys just crack me up! :)

tri_hard said...

no i am not coming back as of now, but if i was...i would for sure rent the house and live next to you. i think it would be wonderful to have you as a neighbor....

Anonymous said...