Thursday, September 20, 2007

Is My Zipper Open?

I've been really crazy busy lately. Not in a bad way, it has been a good busy. But, I am so far behind in my favorite blogs you'll have to keep me posted if I am missing anything good and juicy m'kay?

Are you wondering what the hell is going on here and why all my posts are so half-assed?

Here's the scoop, bullet style.

* Harper walks, like a woman on a mission.

*Mason poops. In the toilet. Everyday.

*Mason gets a big boy bike for said poop and rides it. Without training wheels!

*My 3 year old rides a two wheel bike! Like a champ!

*Mason also gets 2 fish from Ahma and Grappa for going poop. The fish poop all the time. They are sort of gross.

*Remember Button? As of Oct 1st she isn't ours anymore! Who-Rah!

*Tomorrow my baby girl turns one! Someone hold me. Where did the past 365 days go?

Hopefully I can keep my head on straight for the next couple of weeks. Bare with me.


Mommyca said...

Oh my! Walking, a bike with no training wheels, and a birthday?! I would be busy too!
Happy birthday to Miss Harper! and
Way to go Mason!!

Rachel said...

OMG, Harper is one! Already? Gah.

Congrats to Mason on the potty training and no training wheels!!

MP said...

you got a whole lotta poopin going on!

tri_hard said...

sounds like you are having fun....happy birthday to harper!

Ms. Mamma said...

That's 'citn stuff! YAY!

Christy J said...

Congrats!!!!!! That is awesome!!!

Silly Hily said...

Happy birthday Harper. Damn, where did the last year go?
I can't believe Mason is riding that bike with only two wheels! Wow. That's very impressive.
And yay for all the pooping on the potty.

That Chick Over There said...

Have I told you lately you are so cute? Because you are so cute!

somebody said...