Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Final Rose

So there is no disputing that Charlie was about the dopiest bachelor they could find. He looked twice his age. Weathered is hot, but that guy was aged! Let's hear it for Sara! That girl impressed me! One of the few girls to not give up her "flower" to get a rose. Hopefully she can take some of the cheese out of that O'Donnell boy/grandpa and teach him how to kiss!

On a snotty note, the tornado woke up on Sunday with a runny nose! So frustrating! I've been keeping him in a bubble lately to keep him healthy for a wedding we have this weekend in Indianapolis, and bam snotty nose a week before! So yesterday I spent the day making homemade chicken noodle soup and following him around with a wad of Puffs Plus! Any suggestions on how to stifle the snot in a hurry?


Christy J said...

OK... so NOT a bachelor fan. Sorry!

Holly said...

Lots and lots and LOTS of liquids. The more hydrated he is the faster the snot runs out and gets it over with. Seriously. I'm a nurse-I know these things.

Oh, and I never did watch the Bachelor, we're more Survivor/Big Brother/Apprentice type people.

Christy J said...

Ok... I JUST read the last paragraph... I'm not sure what I read before that. We give Hayden a Probiotic when he is sick or starting to get sick. It is just a powder Acidphilus we give him 1/8 of a teaspoon once a day and twice a day when he is sick. Also.. run the vaporizer at night with Eucoliptus oil in it. It REALLY seems to work for us. ALso... have you heard of Juice Plus+? We give it to Hayden.. and since I KNOW you are crunchy too... you may want to check it out.


Basically it is a whole foods vitamin. So more is absorbed. Read the website.. it will go into detail. But, I take it and give it to Hayden.

Are you nursing still? That should help clear whatever it is up within a few days. Just nurse fairly often for a few days.

The sun helps up too.. IF YOU HAVE THAT KIND OF THING UP THERE!!! BAHA!! JK!!!

Try that and let me know! I hope he feels better!

AnnieM said...

SO I am still not sure this is a cold . . .I think it may just be his last molar coming it. Every other time he has gotten a cold he always starts with a fever and never eats a thing! Just wants to nurse all day! This time he is totally normal with just a snotty nose for 2 days.hmmmmm

Anonymous said...