Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Do I Look 17. . .

Today needed to be a productive day, and it was! I had a hundred things to get done all during my peaceful time of day. . .nap time! I began my list: call March of Dimes, unload dishwasher, call to switch phone service, blah, blah, blah. During my 35 minute hot and heavy call with the phone service guy, there is a loud disruption, the doorbell. uuugghhh Now I have to cross my fingers that it didn't wake 'the tornado' and go to the door.
me: "uuuhhh hi?"
man in green: "uuhh hi. . .is your Mom or Dad available?"
me: no words, long pause,dumb look
man in green: "Oh, are you the homeowner?"
me: "yes, and my HUSBAND likes to fertilize the lawn himself!"
man in green: "oh, he does ! OK Thanks!"

Are you kidding me?? He obviously didn't see the breastmilk stains on my t-shirt or my sweet smell of Lysol that has replaced my favorite perfume! I was so shocked that I even told the phone guy who laughed hysterically. Hmmmm is this a compliment or an insult? Was it because my sweatpants and t-shirt didn't fit into his mold of a typical stay-at-home-mom. (Turn off Desperate Housewives Bud, it is a show not reality. )Or was it because my youthful face and bubbling personality reminded him of the girl next door? (uuummm probably not.)

So the boy didn't wake up and the rest of my list got finished.

Tomorrow I think I might put on some makeup and do my hair!


Christy J said...

To funny! I know EXACTLY what it is like praying that the monster didn't wake up. At least your dog doesn't bark ike crazy when the door bell rings. We can't shut my psycho dog up... plus the house is tile and it echos ALL over the place.

DH is one of my favorite shows! Are you telling me you don't watch it? Come on..

Holly said...

I've been known to silently grab preteen boys by the ear and glare at them for ringing the doorbell while Cave Baby takes a nap. I even whisper into the phone in the afternoons.

Nap time is the only time I get silence in this house.

Holly said...
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dolliew said...

You're not 17?? I had no idea...BTW, it's me you're friend in Indy...getting married in a week. This is fun, I can see how it may be therapeutic...or perhaps, I am mis-using it!? I'll have to remember to check it...with all my free time in these next couple of dayes...Love ya!

Anonymous said...