Friday, May 13, 2005


Oh I know, I am slacking already! Give be a break I had the busiest day I can remember and it started with "the tornado" up and doing damage at 5 am ! uuugghh! 7 am great, 6 am can deal with, but 5 is painfully early. We both got ready for the day and had to leave by 830 to make it to my much needed haircut. I missed Starting Over so any realty queens fill free to fill me in. I still have yet to find another person who watches it. . . I know it is a really sappy reality show with a whole lot of bitchy women backstabbing, crying and visiting the Starting Over shrink Dr. Stan. AKA the Micheal Jackson trial shrink, seriously!
I digress. So I got home around 11 and immediatly put the boy away for nap time. No breaks here though. I worked today!! My friend Trayce owns a maternity boutique and brings for boy to work with her daily and asked me to fill in . It felt awesome! I was there for two quiet hours by myself and then my husband (aka Pedro) brought the boy in to "work" with me until 5. He was better at the store than he is at home. . .is it a sign? I think it's a sign he likes new toys!!
So now I am pooped and ready for bed. Let's cross our fingers for a late morning. Oh my god I am delirious now! I 'm out- I'll have more energy tomorrow.