Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Random

First of all, I have a new favorite Christmas song. It is, drumroll please. . . God Rest ye Marry Gentlemen by the BNL and Sarah McLaughlin. I am sure I totally butchered the spelling on that one, but you gotta check it out. I can't possibly listen to it without a little hip wiggle, even in public. I got it off of itunes. If I were blog-ified enough, I would put it on here for you all to hear, but I am not so you are on your own.
Next, tomorrow morning ms. mamma and I are taking the boys to get into the Guinness book of World Records. I knew something great would happen to me one day, and here we frickin' go! We have this cool part of our downtown called the 400 block (god is that original). Anyway it is this big grassy area framed by city streets and there are often cool things that take place there. In the summer they have concerts every Wednesday night where most people bring picnic-y type food and you can even bring booze to get wasted while watching. But usually it consists of lots of "crunchy" people, occasionally bellydancing. In the fall I took Mason to a petting zoo there. Germ Phobic me took Mason but only because they gave out mini free bottles of Purell. I digress. So about tomorrow. It is a big Christmas Caroling Cluster! It should be pretty neat if the 4000 people expected really do show up. Look for me in the upcoming edition of the Guinness book. You can also find me in the glossary under, Mom with the least patients with a two-year old. Another Post