Friday, December 23, 2005

Crabby Pants and Pedicures

What the hell?
First of all, Mason has slept through the night for the past 4 nights. Awesome! The downside, he has been getting up before 6am. Rough! To me this whole "sleeping through the night" business seems pretty over-rated. Before, he'd get up around 4am I'd nurse him for about 10 minutes and he'd sleep until 7 at least. Now, pshaaa, I'd give anything to sleep that late. So what do I do? I can't encourage the kid to wake up during the night, but he clearly is not getting enough sleep.
Second, his naps, they're jacked. He went three days without and I was terrified that this may have been the end of napping. Then the past 3 days, he took huge naps again. At least 3 hours. Now today no nap again and he woke at 5:30 am. I cannot figure it out. I just can't believe that he'd go from needing a super long nap to none at all. It doesn't seem possibe. He was yawning this morning already at 9:30. He asks for "nigh,nigh" then he stands in his crib and screams. It is literally making me crazy!
So, what is a crazy woman to do, I had my nails done. I am not a polish person, but I love to sit in a massage chair while someone is shaving DNA off my feet with a cheese slicer. The more shredded cheese/skin I see on the towel, the more I think my $40 is money well spent. Mind you this was first the man/ped since I was preggo so I was over due. The downside, my germiphobia. While the girl was doing my nails she nicked my cuticle and it turned pink and blead a little tiny bit. No big deal, accidents happen all the time. But then I start thinking if other people blood is in the cuticle oil, "could I get HIV or what about HEP B?" I wondered how long blood could survive it the different solutions. I know, I know I should really talk to someone about it. Have I ever mention that I know incubation periods for cold and flu viruses.
EXAPLE: So, say Mason played with a sick kid on Tuesday, If Thursday night he is not showing any signs of getting sick, good. If Friday he is good, he is in the clear, 72 hours and you are home free.
Enough about my issues, I am tired and I need to go to bed now so I can be ready to play at 5:30. Yippee!


Christy J said...

Awww... I know when the sleeping cycle is jacked LIFE SUCKS ASS!!

Hopefully it is just a growth spirt or something!

Merry Christmas!!

Christy J said...

Oh.. and girl, you owe it to society to get a pedicure at least monthly!

AnnieM said...

Absolutely! I'll inform Pedro of that!

Christy J said...

You should make him go with you. Justin went with me once, he actually liked it!

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