Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter = exhausting

I began the Easter weekend scouring my house. I mean scouring! The floors were scrubbed, the wood was finger print free and dust was non-existent. I started my cleaning frenzy on Thursday for in-laws that would start coming on Friday.

Pedro's brother and wife had planned on coming and staying at a hotel so we all could swim and catch-up. No pressure. Then Pedro's parents decided that they wanted to come on Saturday. Pressure! The thing is when they come, the come! and stay and stay and stay. This Saturday was no different. They were coming at 11am which allowed me to get up at a reasonable hour and start preparing our lunch which was going to be fajitas. Well, 8:30 we get a call saying they were going to come earlier. As in 10am. Nice! Well, guess who rolled in our driveway at 9:50am? Yup, you guessed it. They day was fine, but long! Way too long! They finally left after 6pm. That's a damn long day for a pregnant lady, no? Sheesh!

Sunday we went to my parents house for Mason to have an egg hunt. It was cold out but we took some cute pictures(I left my camera at my parent's house so I'll post them later). We were only there a few hours and then came home. I was still exhausted from the three days earlier.

So today, my goal was to do nothing except a couple of loads of laundry. Well, that would be way too easy wouldn't it? Yup, sure would. Our main pipe clogged and I had to have Roto-Rooter come on over. It was a big smelly party, you should have come! Now, $95.00 later, I can finish my laundry and lay my big butt on the couch.