Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lickable Idols. . .

I've been meaning to write about this since it is a pretty much taboo subject at home, but American Idol watchers, HOLLA! I've been watching since day one and here is my opinion:

Taylor: "The grey boy can sing, but hello, would it hurt you to learn a dance move or two so it doesn't look like you're having a seizure every single week!?"

Chris: "I used to feel you, but you try too hard to be sexy by doing to raspy pre-orgasm sex voice. Yuck! I am way over you!"

Katharine: "I think you are beautiful and have a beautiful voice, but I wonder if there is a closet bitch behind all that sweetness?"

Paris: "Girl, you can sing! But I feel like your time is just about up! We can't tell who the 'real you' is."

Kellie: "I thought you were adorable at the beginning, but you are way too dumb now. Your naivete was cute at first, but you are selling out. It's about your dignity Kellie, your dignity!"

Elliot: "You are my new hero! I think you have the best voice, hands-down. If only you had the face of my Ace."

Ace: "No one can deny that you are delicious. Can I just get one little lick? You got so cheesy though with the whole scar showing business that I could hardly stand to watch you. Notice I said hardly. You had your time on AI now hopefully we'll continue to see you...naked, mmmmmmmm, have you thought about a future in porn?...."


Piper said...

I'm sorry, but my opinion? Ace is SOOOO gay. Sooo. Just Jack gay. It's a shame really.

My vote is for either Katherine or Taylor. Guess we'll see!

Christy J said...

Oh God. Ok..... Katherine can sing but I think she IS a fake bitch. I like Kellie, but he is being to be to much of a dumb shit. Elliot can sing, but damn is he ugly. Taylor annoys the ever living shit out of me. He's like 50 and annoying. And I was over Ace a couple of weeks ago. Now Paula needs to find someone else to screw.

lizziep901 said...

HA! What a way to start my didn't ask for my opinion but here you go....
Kelly: ugh. it was cute at you are making us Southerners look like freaking idiots. Go back to the trailer and study a dictionary.
Elliot: Love the voice. Hate the look.
Katherine: DEFINITLEY a closet bitch. (Justin wants to get in her pants! Ha! Good luck with THAT one buddy!!)
Ace: I'm with're hotttttttt, but you lost me with the scar thing. I was embarrassed FOR you. But if the porn thing works out, let me know.
Taylor: I loathe him. I despise the words "Soul Patrol." ANd I'm waiting for him to show up next Tuesday with a neck injury from all the "WHOOO's" he does.
Paris: Love her. Love her Love her.
Chris: Love him Love him Love him.
The End.

tri_hard said...

your comments are so funny. I am also an avid Idol watcher. I agree 100% with all the things you said. I don't really have a favorite. I really liked Chris, but he always sounds the same. Paris...she is just annoying and I agree Kelly is putting on an act. Finally, I think Elliot has the best voice, but that usually doesn't guarantee anything.

Hope all is well!

Pedro said...

Uggghhhh...I hate that show

Anonymous said...