Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Get it while it's hot!

...we'll see if this post makes it past a half hour. I am totally in a funk. I am starting to feel like crap. I think I may be one of those lucky people that gets morning sickness at the end of the pregnancy. Every morning for about the past five days I could puke on command from the time a wake up until about noon. Good Times!

Pedro and I are at each others throats because I am so hormonal. I am driving him crazy, but how could I not be? I am driving myself crazy. Oh and a tiny secret, I didn't get hormonal all by myself. I am pretty sure there was a Y chromosome involved.

Part of my hormonal craziness is stemming from the stress I have with this pregnancy. Not a day goes by that I don't think about having another preemie. I is scaring me to death. With just about every kick or punch I feel in my belly, I wonder if my water is going to break again. And the icing on the cake, I spotted last night. I haven't since, but anytime you see blood while you are pregnant it makes you panic with fear. I go to see my midwife on Monday so I can hopefully have some of my fears reassured. But until then, I'll probably be locked out on the porch being crazy all by myself.


BlueGoddess said...

Please try not to worry. It won't help anything. And the good news is that even though you had a preemie last time, he is happy and healthy now. You made it through then and you definitely will now.

I know exactly the hormonal queasy feelings you have. I had morning sickness the entire time. You could always put yourself on self imposed bed rest. I was on required bedrest for 4 months. I kept going into labor and had to be put on medication and bedrest. Plus my cervix was thinning and shortening. But when they wanted me to have him, I was in labor for 33 hours. So the doctors don't know everything.
Trust that your body will make and support a perfect child. You feel it kick and move. Those are great signs. If you feel tired, rest. If you feel sick, eat a cracker and rest. You could also try popsicles, they helped me a lot when I couldn't keep anything down. Maybe you should get someone to watch Mason for a little while, since you aren't feeling all that well. Things will get better. I promise.

tri_hard said...

blue goddess gave you some good advice. as long as I have known you, you have always taken good care of yourself. So continue to do that and stay positive. Hang in there Ann! Thanks for sharing.

Isabel said...

It's hard to be pregnant. And it's scary to see any type of blood while pregnant. Good luck.

Silly Hily said...

I can't say I know how you feel about seeing the blood b/c I never saw any while I was pregnant. But if I had, I would have freaked.
I do know how you feel about being crazy though. I have the old posts on my blog to prove it. I was out of my mind some days. But I made it and you will too. I will say that my husband and I seemed to be at each other throats even after the baby was born. Then I had lack of sleep to pile on top of my hormones changing again. And no matter how hard they might try, men will just never ever understand what we go through.
Hang in there sister. The good news, it WILL pass. It WILL get better. I promise!

Mama C-ta said...

I'm sorry, hang in there. I know that's really annoying advice. I spotted during my pregnancy too and it does freak you the hell out.

Ms. Mamma said...

Sending my thoughts your way. Hope you're feeling a little better. I know I don't know what you feel, but try to relax and pass Pedro the wee sprite for some YOU time everyday. XOXO

Christy J said...

You made me cry. I hope all the tlk of Logan doesn't stress you out. I absolutely would not want anyone to go through what you guys have already been through with a preemie. It is so not fair.
Everything will be fine, I'm sure. Any name decisions??? I don't remember if I've read that or not.
I think you should just try to relax and not stress!!! I know it is easier said than done with a 2 year old.

AnnieM said...

Hi. Thanks Everyone, I was just let in from off the porch for a potty break, so I thought I'd check in ;)
Just so you all can really know me, I spotted for the forst about 15 weeks with both pregnancies, but the 7th month spotting is something new! I still am feeling just as much movement, so I am trying to just tell myself it was a fluke!? Thanks for the nice thoughts though. We should all get together and have a big party. My porch? Anyone, ANYONE?

lizziep901 said...

Okay....the "late-in-pregnancy nauseous" thing?? I'm TOTALLY there. I didn't have this YUCK with my first pregnancy so this is a WHOLE new thing for me. The spotting? I got nothin on that one honey. But if I were spotting?? I would totally be feeling the same way you are. Just remind yourself that NO TWO PREGNANCIES are the same and just b/c you went into labor early with Mason DOES NOT mean you will with Baby Girl. I know this doesn't help much but know that I am thinking of you!!!

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