Tuesday, June 27, 2006

She is my Prozac

Yesterday I met with my midwife. God, I love her! I left my house sweaty and panicky just knowing that something was going to be terribly wrong. I know, how pessimistic, right?

Once I saw my midwife, I started spilling my guts (a.k.a. whining) about how miserable I have started feeling. I told her everything! The spotting, didn't phase her. She said she gets a little nervous if the mothers blood type is negative, but mine isn't. Of course if it lasts a few days she wants to know about it, but apparently it was no big deal. She told me the anxiety about having another early bird was totally legit. She told me to just remind myself that the pregnancy up to this point has been pretty much "textbook" and that it is completely out of my hands and hers. Then she asked if I wanted some Prozac or Wellbutrin. I declined.

Everything else is right on. I gained 4 lbs last month and my blood pressure is still right where it should be (120/63). Now I start visits every 2 weeks, Thank God! She is like a big 'ol dose of Prozac for me. I love her.


lizziep901 said...

YAY!!! That is so awesome. The internet can tell you all day long that everything is fine but until you hear it from someone who actually KNOWS what the hell they are talking about, your mind cannot LET GO ALREADY!!!! I know.....I'm there everyday sister!! Glad you and Baby Girl are good!! Keep us updated.

Silly Hily said...

Every two weeks now? Eeeeek, that means you are getting clooooose!!!! YAY!

BlueGoddess said...

I just wanted to say that I am glad she put your mind at ease. I only hope that your nausea goes away too.
And you should definitely find something very cute to wear to your reunion. But it won't really matter for anything else except how it will make you feel inside. I bet you are a glowing beauty of a woman right now. No matter how you are feeling.

Good luck with everything,

somebody said...