Monday, December 04, 2006

Potpourri for $400, Alex

I just needed a little blogging break,I guess.

* The space key is broken on our computer. Too much excitement watching noggin online for someone in our house hold. Also reallydamnhard to type.

* Friday was my 29th birthday. I felt very old while watching a Real World rerun and they were all, "Ohmagod, You're 22? I'm 22. We are all 22!" Whatever that was so 7 years ago.

* Harper is freakishly tall(what up Pedro genes 6'6"). We are getting a new carseat stat. The carrier that snaps into the base is totally unsafe for her. We have the shoulder straps adjusted to the highest notch and they fall right around the middle of her arms. I am guessing it would not be pretty in an accident.

* I have a new site, but I have issues. The template on it can only be used with a Mac, and I am not sure I am ready to commit to only using that. I am still a PC girl I guess.

* Mason made me laugh today. He does everyday but today two things stuck out.

First, he was playing with a doll he just got. It was for Harper, but he loves it and I have no problem with that. He went and got two more from Harper's room and had them all together. He was playing so sweetly, putting them to sleep and such. I thought I'd encourage him farther by telling him he could name them. They were all girl dolls so I started giving him ideas.
Me: "You could name one Sally or Suzie or Molly or Harper..."
Him: "or racecar or dump truck..."
I guess he really is a boy.

Next, I was nursing him before his nap and then laid him down.
Mason: "Love you Mama, thank you for the milky, I drank it all. Just like juice!"
God I love that kid!

* Tonight I start teaching yoga again. Wish me luck. I hope my bladder functions have returned to normal...

That is enough for today. Wanna know what's on my Christmas list? I think I just might post it. Tomorrow.