Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

I'd like to think of myself as a positive person. Don't get me wrong, I definitely have down points in my life, but for the most part I don't think I accentuate the negative. I have a few friends that are lucky enough to be "my venting ears" (thanks and I'm sorry, Heidi and Jill and neighbor Megan) but I don't think that my existance runs on negativity. I think it is toxic to be so "poor me".

Be glad you aren't watching me talk in real life right now because I'd probably drive you crazy with the amount of times I'd simulate "air" "quotes".

The thing I've been pondering lately is what are those poor me'ers looking for when they cannot say enough about how wronged they've been their entire life. Do they want sympathy or a medal of honor or a freaking tissue. Would it be unkind for me to say "get over it already"! I really am an empathic person but my god, Debby Downer is bringing me down, people! Seriously the negativity is so strong it has the potency to taint my entire day and that is not cool.

Now, I must go. The self-consciousness has taken over and I 'm nervious that I am "one of them".


minimal if any use of quotations on next post.


Silly Hily said...

No, you are NOT one of "them". Everyone needs to vent, everyone has bad days, and you are thankful that you have friends to listen to you on those days (as am I).
Is there anyway you could cut Debbie Downer out of your life? I hate to say that but if it's that bad.....
I had a friend like that and I had to slowly remove myself from her b/c I just couldn't take it anymore. I'm like you, get over it. The way I see it, there are soooo many other people with it SO much worse than these "woo is me, poor me" people and when I think about the people who really do have it bad or really are having serious issues/problems and yet never seem to complain half as much as someone who is trying to milk it....well, I just can't find any sympathy to give to the Debbie Downers.

Rachel said...

I definitely do not think you are a downer or one of "them". I heart air quotes. Most of your posts are pretty upbeat and have pics of you and your kids having a good time. You are allowed to get overwhelmed at times or get upset about something.

And when that happens you are also allowed to vent about it. I am like you, I cannot stand people that are constantly whining about this or that. They can find something bad or wrong about anything. I cannot be around people like that because, it will wear off on you!

Like you said, get over it! Stop complaining about every.damn.thing.

And you, yeah you Annie, stop worrying that you are one of "them", because you are NOT.

That Chick Over There said...

You? WHA?

Ms. Mamma said...

You're in no way a downer, Sugar Plum! Even if you have those moments, you're totally entitled to them. If there's anything I can do... And FYI my bro would call her a 'nuisance fish' so I guess that means if we net her we could club her?!

Stephanette said...

So, when I'm having a down day I look at my must reads. You're on it....meaning since your blog makes me smile. You aren't someone I consider a downer.

Now I'm wondering, am I one?

Seriously....Chick got it right.

AnnieM said...

Thanks you guys! My life has been by no means perfect, but I refuse to left that conduct the way I live my life. My life is actually pretty darn good! I guess not everyone makes that choice.

Love Bears All Things said...

Unfortunately, I have one of those in my family. One should try to spend as little time with them as possible. We just don't need people in our life who bring us down.

somebody said...