Tuesday, May 08, 2007

OMG! Like Totally!

I am sorry I've been so absent lately. Usually I at least try to say Hi! to new people that come over to this site. I've been so busy I don't know which end is up. So... Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping over, Welcome! I am not usually such a bad host...I don't think? And I will be doing the meme that two of you tagged me for, soon. I promise.

Remember last week? Pedro was gone in New York? And I was trying to stay alive? Riiiight. And then we planned on going with him to Chicago on Sunday? Well all that went down the pipes. On Sunday we discovered we had major plumbing issues. We had water behind the wall of our shower/tub upstairs running down the wall of our basement. Not good. However, a master plumber (on a Sunday afternoon), a torn down wall and a new wall in place, and 2 days later, we are up and running again. We did not however make it to The Windy City.

Such is life. I am still waiting for my little break to catch my breath. I am also convinced that said breath won't be caught for a good 17 years.